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That's why they need to get full pay while not working and not charged vacation or sick leave, because a woman getting paid to not work is exactly the same as a man having to work harder so she doesn't have to.

Anything less is inequality bigot.

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Congratulations Hispanics, Democrats value your lives so low that they:

  1. divert to a guy that killed himself by stupid, and

  2. Use it to push illegal immigration. (Because that's so popular.)

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This would be politically horrible for everyone if passed. But now the Democrats get to blame conservatives for all the insane leftards that they wind up and let loose.

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Suc-BANG-cess -lefties

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WEF will just have Soros fly or ferry them in. He worked for shitbag Nazis that shuttled people to be abused/killed before before, why not now. So long as he gets his cut. Why feel bad? I mean they'd have somebody do it anyway.

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Because she couldn't invest another 45 seconds to hear orange man blow the fuck out of the racism narrative.

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Remember they needed GA to steal the Senaet 2 years ago. And got it.

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You should get a Netflix series

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Elena Kegen. Shes another activist on the supreme court

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They forced masks because it made sure you couldn't forget (among other reasons).

People coughing isn't super scary to most.

Ahhh.... But pox sores! Can't cover them up and they're visible. Super cereal scary. Not deadly, but scary.

Remember the china vids of people dropping dead? Spraying clouds of disenfectant on the OUTSIDE of planes? (Wtf)

Once enough are scared/conditioned, they can force vaxx, and use the vaxx to "reduce population"

Don't forget how treatable Covid was, but it was suppressed. Monkey pox is minor. They aren't gonna release a "super virus that turns your internal organs into liquid shit" (-carlin) unless they have the cure

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People fleeing persecution= asylum

People trying to "get mines"= immigration

NGOs giving poor people shoes, phones, and debit cards to rush the border= weaponized immigration

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When the factory shut down, why wasn't the slack taken up elsewhere?

Because gas prices and retarded regulations. Like the ones that are used leave a factory shut down after it didn't do what it was accused of.

Hate to find out that this was done purposely to try to make Biden look competent.

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They are giving loans in a massively inflated market. What do you think will happen?

How many loans will be given to illegals?

How racist will it be to evict "poor people?"

This is intentional, just like us oil. Now they blame oil companies.

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Trump wasn't "supposed" to win either. Brexit as well.

They both got fucked.

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It's all good. Ukraine joe will go consult the magic money tree and make some more Relief Bucks™. Then he'll bring in a lot of people from south of the border that'll work for the same amount citizens currently refuse to labor for.

All the people in massive college debt are in luck as well, because joe will bring in a bunch of techies from India to fill the jobs they were going to apply for. But that's ok too, because at least they'll already know how to hate themselves with all the debt they've incurred for nothing. And they can always chop their dick off before eating a bullet. Most importantly, embrace the hate. It's someone else's fault.

Leftism is grrrreaaaaat! (<Furry)

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