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This man was in my clan on the old Tony Hawk games on the PS2. I didn’t believe it and I tweeted gab and he actually answered me lmao

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We go by seniority when watching TV

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Fair. In and Out reminds me of upgraded McDonalds (cheap), where Five Guys is the best traditional burger where you get what you pay for in both instances.

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Trump says it all the time. Why aren’t we investigated the fraud that caused Jan 6?

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(to the tune of Big Iron)

Little haaaat - little haaat - little hat on his heeeaaad

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It’s crazy how much they brainwash the left without me even realizing I was brainwashed. I hated my own country. Believe me - all liberals hate the United States of America and want it to fall. In a perfect world, liberalism would work. Ohhhh drats! We don’t live in a perfect world. I still need to get a gun. I’ve never fired one and still won’t for fun, but I need to get one and learn how to use it.

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Thanks fren! I actually came here because I wanted to laugh at you (now us). Then I saw the right without the extreme liberal media bias and realized I’ve been wrong all along.

Admittedly I was a Bernie faggot and watching the DNC rob him also probably led to my red pilling as well. The media is so mind controlling that even though I hated the DNC, I not once even considered moving right. Then I came here.

The memories on Facebook that come up are hilarious. Once I said if anyone supports Trump to remove me. I’m glad I saved myself.

If you’ve ever played Fallout: New Vegas, one of the NPC lines when you pass them is “there is no such thing as a former Republican”. I never understood that. I do now.

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I hate how we are grasping at

election laws

When the fucking graph of the votes literal goes vertical for Biden in a comical fashion.

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I’m part of the swing

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Chalk that one up for headlines I wouldn’t expect to read in clown world

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Ignorance is bliss, until it gives you blood clots. 🩸

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