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All the "fact checks" always say biden is not responsible for anything that goes bad

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Our bread is cheap fast food like McDonald's and our circuses are our smart phones that provide instant gratification. Hopefully one day people can break free

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I knew he was a pussy, but I didn't know he was this much of a quivering pussy. Another spineless government employee

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He's a puppet. I hate how our government is basically neutered. No one stands up for America anymore, none of them even think ahead. They are fed what move to make and they make it without any thought. Meanwhile our enemies are thinking 5 steps ahead. Our fore fathers had the right idea, tar and feather these pieces of shit. We still care about the country, they don't. Heckle your local politician.

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Isn't reddit run by that tranny dude with the shady past? His name was being plastered on reddit and he was banning people for posting it

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I just had a flashback of when Trump told the story of dipping bullets in pigs blood 🤣 Man that guy had massive balls, no one fucked with us while he was president.

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How long until they fake the viewer count? Can't be long now

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I'm just now realizing all of our government agencies are just as lazy as congress is. They want to "work" on useless stuff like this, just so they don't have to do any actual work all while they still get a fat salary of our tax money.. smh. It's sad

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That's a good weekend for her. Wonder how many knife fights too

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Just having some fun. Not every post on this site has to be doom and gloom

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Propaganda has pumped through a lot of the poorer communities to keep the divide going. Dem policies have kept these people ignorant to what's going on. So don't blame your fellow American, blame the system

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Yeah he's a young kid who did some jail time..

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I work for a union so I'm not really worried but I'm not going to chime in. He's a good dude, I could bring it up to him but his buddy who also commented is too far gone

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AZ audit = Durham report Nothing but the illusion of progress

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Just like all the work that went into the Durham report right? 😂

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Dude this is gonna be just like the Durham report. It will never come out, it's all useless hype to keep people satisfied and give the illusion of progress. Every week people on this site say "this is the week!!!" I'm not holding my breath honestly

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YouTube actively burying the live feeds. You have to scroll down like 15 videos to find em

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Can someone explain to me why it's bad that Jewish people control Hollywood?

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5k so you can hear some black woman whine about a past she didn't even live? 😂 NEXT!

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