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Your immune system will become a subscription service and you will become a slave without chains

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We need voter rules enforced or we will never have another real election

Battle of Athens in every municipality

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Give everyone a 3 month warning and then cut all welfare. It'll look like the purge for a few months and we'll come out the other side stronger

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And that's the offical number. Reality is probably worse. I've seen a 20% increase in my grocery bill

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If everything fundamental to my existence is opposed to yours, wouldn't you be better off somewhere else?

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We are all enemies of ths global state and there will be no mercy.

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Young, dumb and unmoored from any traditional anchors like kids or a wife I can say with confidence I will burn cities and kill kings before I would comply

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Fuck it, patriot with a cheap camera and post it online. Doesn't have to be great quality to make an impact

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Poor kid never had a chance

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