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I love Trump and would vote for him again even though he's been wrong about many things.

In what universe do you allow one man to define the ultimate truth on all matters?

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These tiny dicked faggots really are on a power trip.

There are more of us than them. We can put a stop to it.

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This whole loss of taste and smell thing too.

Yeah, that happens every time you get the cold or flu. It's because your sinuses are plugged with mucus.

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I think maybe she's trying to tell you something.

Be a man and satisfy your wife.

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This is great, love to see it.

I honestly don't think the corrupt occupiers give a shit about peaceful protests tho.

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I live in a blue state but in a red area. They've been throwing up low income apartments at a record pace in areas that shouldn't have apartments.

If you leave the city, they will bring the city to you.

Crime continues to rise in this otherwise affluent area.

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"Record streaming audience" just means that the streaming number has gone up as it has in every single sector. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to understand that everything is moving to streaming.

Now contrast this "record streaming" with the decline in traditional media.

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Everybody we disagree with is a far-right QAnon extremist.

The media is such fucking trash. They know their followers are too stupid and too brainwashed to bother doing any research themselves.

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Private party sales aren't on their list which is why they're constantly trying to pass laws that force background checks on private sales.

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Although Joe Biden is a corrupt pedophile who deserves to burn in hell, he's but a demented puppet. He's not calling any of the shots.

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Entitled cunt. How can people be this stupid?

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I'm not familiar with her music but I'm happy to have her on team redpill.

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ebay is just as woke as Amazon. I still buy from both tho so I'm part of the problem. I really hope Lindell's site takes off. I should really start checking there first.


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The 1st one utilized really innovative camera work. Now it will just be CGI overload like every other modern sci-fi film.

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That would be as hilarious as thinking that killing off Pepe would end the meme.

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What kind of fucked up childhood they must have had to both become trannies. I'd reckon it's probably due to rampant molestation.

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If you are male and you suck dick then you are a fag.

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