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Or put a small heater near the thermostat

That’ll fool the “smart thermo” into thinking it’s hotter and the a/c will keep running.

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I’m sure it’s supposed to be ADHD.

Doesn’t seem to clever until you remember many young children are told they and their friends are ADHD.

“Wow she/he’s just like us...”

Sneaky just like Satan.

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Or they dropped the warning on purpose to lead more sheep to slaughter.

After all the ventilator murder bonuses they raked in, what a little false advertising.

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Tell the rest of that story.

He was trying to work with Tip O’Neil and the other Dems.

They said give amnesty to those that are here and we’ll stop up the border.

Regan tried to play ball with them and they stuck him in the ass.

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I’ve blamed osha for years.

Dumb used to take themselves out before safety meetings and lawyers got in the way.

Dumb also breed like low end prey animals. Not smart enough to take care of offspring so they make it up by having several.

Now the stupid are surviving and out-breeding the rest of us.

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Hmmm. I identify as a praying mantis.

After coitus I demand that my partner eat my head.

Wonder how that would fly with HR and the Mrs.

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Why would any sweet body that calls ximself conservative or a patriot waste one precious second on that cesspool?

Genuinely curious. I’ve never been on it. I don’t see the appeal now or then. It’s just email with extra steps.

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Didn’t say where to shoot him.

Can take quite a bit of time depending on caliber and target.

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DJT opening my eyes on how swampy the political, medical, military, law enforcement, Hollywood etc actually is.

Because of DJT me and Mrs Fourtyandfourtyfive are still pure bloods.

Speaking of. Jesus knew my perfect partner was out there and sent her to me when I had swore off women forever.

The children and grands that followed.

When many were losing hours at the start of the covid sham I was still working and hitting overtime when others didn’t even have a job. (Tried to tip big and buy for other random strangers.)

Could do this all day.

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“He died in the hospital for head wounds suffered when he hit the pavement the next day.“

This sentence was so hard to read. Did he fall the next day or is the sentence structure wrong?

Did these same teens write the article??

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Ehh. I know what she means.

Black scary assault weapons are designed to kill people.

This is a little nit picky seeing how much sewer sludge comes out of her pie hole.

Then again the second in command should be able to articulate a thought out loud. Without the hyena cackle.

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...pigs on the other side...

Remember to smash the skull into smaller, bite sized pieces. Hogs can’t get their mouth open far enough to crack them on their own.

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All the corruption in the Biden cesspool of “quid qui pro” and kiddie diddling and the GOP wants to investigate a crackhead banging hookers.

I think it means a bunch of old men wanna have a circle jerk around some Hunter homemade porn.

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I prefer the term “member”

Like how a southern grandmother would refer to a penis in polite company.

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Take that woman to the bed chamber! She’s primed to have a patriot baby!

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