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This Vampire gets paid to say it. It doesn't matter if anyone believes, she just has to say the thing she's paid for each day.

Serial Fabricator Collectors hold her like charzards or whatever.

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this looks like the youtube where some guy IRLs into a headquarters in new york

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This is not the consequence.

This is you now being responsible for the people you voluntarily allow to lead you to destruction.

Elon's problem is that he thinks you aren't already worthless in such an endeavor - that you aren't just pieces of (what once appeared as) free men.

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Based on one of his NPR inteviews I recently caught, I bet Yoel appreciates the technical administrative prowess and robust decision making processes of the Nazis, and is less concerned with the outcome.

Such a fucking faggot...

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turns out, democracy was the actual threat to Democracy.

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However many GayGB Agents are on this site, it will never be enough to stop what is coming.

SOON, Faggots.

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First, you must be educated until you acknowledge your problems verifiably exceed Judicial or Electoral remedy.

Then, you and those you love must be destroyed until you're reacquainted with the prerequisites programmed in you for survival.

Then you kill them.

One death becomes 100. 100 becomes 1,000.

Traitorous cowards and syndicate ghouls then narc, flee, or suicide.

Then you get representative government back.

PROTIP: None of this will happen, Slave.

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"You hate The Soviet Union.

Could I interest you in The European Union?

Yes? Great! Sign here."

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I just brained you at the podium and took his rations back to him.

You now comprise a provocative piece of artwork, as we laugh and snack and laugh.

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This is nothing.

You should see how they treat Ukrainian Babies and Grammies...

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No. It gets worse. So much worse, you won't need a secret chat room to give you direction. Get Ready - STAY Ready.

You'll know what to do - and when.

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OOPS, we accidentally make toddler bondage gear.

DIE, Faggots. SOON.

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Hollywood Vindman.

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