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“Let’s Go Brandon” may end up being the most successful write-in candidate of all time.

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Not all of them, but that goes deeper also.

If Southwest (or any airline) aren’t mask nazis, they can lose their contract of carriage / be fined absurd amounts of money by the FAA.

That’s how Hitler with dementia works—he uses government orgs (like the FBI, DHS, OSHA, TSA, and in this case the FAA) to be his Brownshirts and enforce “laws” that don’t exist based upon his propaganda.

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The GOP has a money problem: They are given way too much of it.

I’m starting to think that they want things like this so they can make more money.

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As you can see, Tropical Storm Brandon is bearing South-south West from Washington DC....

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I had heard that (actually on Saturday) the DC ATC walked out.

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I disagree.

The Southwest pilots doing what they are doing is the first action that I’ve seen anyone take in the past 18 months that seems to be effective against Biden.

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EVERYONE needs to read this article.

This is what makes Southwest great. Herb left Southwest with this kind of power.

May all Southwest Cohearts use this platform to tell Joe Biden “EAT SHIT, FUCKING COMMIE!!!”

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You are mostly right. This is actually the Confederate navy jack, derived from the square flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Different armies had different flags. (For example, see the Van Dorn flag: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Dorn_battle_flag)

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Reading these comments, I feel like this is necessary to mention.

Don't hate on Southwest. Hate on the Southwest managers that made this absurd decision and went along with Hitler with dementia's bullshit.

What you're witnessing here is all of the power that Herb left in Employee's hands... Southwest appears to be the only airline left that allows for the employees to revolt in such a manner.

It's great to be pissed at the managers right now, but there's still a lot of employees who really care and are going to fight for what's right.

If you're one of those employees, you should probably check this out:


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How about United? They mandated shit before anyone else told them to!

American and United are the most woke, and shame on Southwest for following in their footsteps!!!

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Out of all the posts about Southwest, THIS is the one that gets stickied?

No victim has been “claimed” yet. There’s been a cascaded effect from air traffic control (which is vaccine mandate related, but not Southwest’s) but the Southwest pilots haven’t even started to really fight yet.

If Southwest doesn’t get their shit together quickly on this, THEN we’ll see something serious. But this is nothing compared to some of the other airlines over the past few months…

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It’s getting a LOT worse, as predicted. Over 800 flights were cancelled and over 1000 were delayed yesterday, and the federal government brought this on themselves.

Scuttlebutt says:

-DC Air Traffic Controllers walked out yesterday.

-JAX is down from 35 controllers to a total of 3

-37 of the remaining 80 ATCs in ATL are refusing

-There have been many cancellations in HOU, PHX, and DEN. There’s probably something going on in those locations also.

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Same here, bud! I regret getting it now mainly because now it makes it seem like I support these fucking bullshit vax tyrants.

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It’s because all of the air traffic controllers walked off the job due to Biden’s bullshit federal worker vax mandates.

Though Southwest isn’t doing themselves any favors.

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I know you’re being sarcastic, but actually, it does have to do with the vaccine mandate, and everyone should understand how.

The ATC controllers in Florida walked off the job yesterday, effectively cancelling all traffic in a few Florida cities.

They walked off the job in protest of Biden’s bullshit vax mandates. This has caused Southwest (and others) to cancel tons of flights. Southwest already has a labor shortage due to the clown world bullshit that we live in.

So yeah—it’s a direct effect of the vaccine mandate. (Not that Southwest doesn’t deserve it after the bullshit Biden made-up non-existent press-release vaccine mandate crap last week, and if Southwest goes through with it, it’s going to get a LOT worse.)

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