I’ve been with my family mourning the passing of my father in law, so I’ve only been able to sporadically check in on this newest ring in the Dem circus.

Has it already been pretty much acknowledged that TEAM GEOTUS long anticipated this intended Dem “bombshell” and had the exculpatory letter in hand - waiting for as many eyes as possible were all looking at the bright shiny object?


I mean, I guess we’ll see how it all plays out tomorrow, but…

Even after he was off the “front page” headlines, he’d still occasionally weigh in with some sort of snarky blog post or editorial piece.


Almost 2 years ago, I made the decision to get off of sugar and high carbs to lose weight, get out of “pre-diabetic” status, and just generally save/improve my quality of life.

I took on a lifestyle change that included keto diet and regular exercise and with God’s help, today I’m about 25 pounds and am arguably in my best shape in 25 years.

A huge part of the success has been the almost complete dropping of sugar (which I’d recommend to anyone after learning just how bad sugar is for a person). That was tough but made easier by the fact that there are some great natural sweetener options out there; specifically, Monkfruit and Erythritol (Stevia).

All was well until my daughter sends me links today to several articles reporting new studies claiming that erythritol is linked to increased chance of heart attack and stroke.

Here is where I’d appreciate weigh-in from knowledgeable pedes.

Like a lot of you, the past three years have shattered my faith in the medical community in general.

Not long ago, I’d sound like a “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist” to suggest that “Big Agriculture” and “Big Pharma” have a huge stake in keeping people on refined sugar and it would not be out of hand to suggest that they are merely pushing “natural sweeteners alternatives fear porn” to stop any loss to their profits. I mean, how could anyone NOT trust the American Heart Association, right? And surely CNN is a trustworthy news organization, right?

Well, the past three years has shown that the “conspiracy theorists” were not only not crazy, but actually dead on right. We’ve seen prestigious medical associations willfully lie, distort and suppress the truth about COVID. They knowingly pushed - and pushed hard - the “vaccines” that are slowly being acknowledged as being the cause of severe health issues and death, often to people who were in no real danger from COVID to begin with.

These same medical communities and news outlets pushed the completely fictitious efficacy of masks despite there being boatloads of data that countered every claim that masks would be more harmful than anything else.

These same medical communities and news outlets that we all once trusted went so far to the dark side that they effectively killed many, many people by suppressing any news or established medical proof that proper nutrition (zinc supplements, vitamin D, Elderberry extract, eggs and their yolks, etc…) would help a body fight off COVID. They tried to completely suppress established veteran medical professionals telling us that already existing, proven medicines like Hydroxichloriquine and Ivermectin would allow a person to completely fight off and recover from COVID. One of the supposedly most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet, flat out LIED about Hydroxichloriquine “scarring the heart.”

As it turns out, we “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right over and over again, and these news organizations, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, and government agencies supposedly looking out for us have not only been wrong, but have been actively and deliberately about the business of essentially, making us sick if not outright trying to kill us.

So here is where I’m asking for your honest, knowledgeable take on the situation.

My faith in the medical community HAS been shattered but that doesn’t mean everything they report is BS. Not every medical professional is complicit in the attempt to sicken the entire population. On one hand, I don’t want to put my faith in any medical professional ever again. However, I don’t want to cut off my nose to spite my face, and keep enjoying sweetener substitutes that may actually be seriously harmful to my health. Not everything “natural” is healthy or good for you. These studies sound legit, but again - until recently the medical community in large part were releasing similarly legit-sounding studies knowing full well that they were full of lies and distortions to promote an agenda that literally took lives.

Please share any insight you all might have; either on these studies or on this topic in general. My daughter doesn’t necessarily share my view of the world, but she sent them out of genuine love and concern for me, so I’m not going to just blow her off. I told her I needed to do some of my own research before making a decision.

Here are links to the three articles she sent me. I’m linking directly to the two medical studies’ sites and because it’s CNN, I’m sharing an archive. I welcome feedback from any good Pedes out there , on my “sweetener” issue specifically, but also more general advice from medical profession Pedes whose are based and have kept their ethics and Hippocratic oath intact, on how to go forward when it comes to trusting the medical community.

Thanks for sticking through this “wordwall” and weighing in. Any light shed would be good light. Thanks so much.

Article 1:

Article 2:

CNN piece:

And again… (americanmilitarynews.com)
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… my wife usually has soundly kicked my ass in Rummikub by now, but I’m holding my own!

Wait… what game did you think I was talking about?😉

I mea, what would they say; “He was completely cognitively fit to be the leader of the free world yesterday, but today he’s too riddled with dementia to tie his own shoes?”


… after largely taking a pass on the week of looting and chaos after the huge snowstorms.



Just cycled through the local Madison news this morning. We have had weather and road conditions, warm and fuzzy Holiday stories, Britney Griner returns home story…

What I have NOT seen or heard is any mention regarding the bombshell news of hard proof of Twitter aggressively working in concert with corrupt government to hijack the election. Not just suppressing - but actually crush any dissenting voices trying to bring out the truth about the scamdemic and the Biden crime family’s massive corruption.

I’m hardly surprised, but just wanted to report in.

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