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Sounds like a pretty accurate representation to me.

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^^^ This guy loves the thought of his children not inheriting a stable fraternal country.

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Democrats are the symptom. Diversity is the cause.

White America or gtfo!

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That's pretty sick and twisted dude. Dunno what you have against the founders' vision for America but your "progressive" vision isn't working out so well.

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Yes. What a fucking retard encouraging an embodiment of crime statistics to move to red areas. You don't keep places safe by waiting for someone to reveal the content of their character. You use your god given pattern recognition skills to keep demographics law-abiding.

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The joke is that they all look alike, coal burner.

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Huge market in China for american baby formula. They've been clearing our shelves for years now. Only exacerbating the current shortage.

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This probably isn't intended to pass.

It's to run attack ads for november saying "(R) voted to keep gasoline prices high. It's the Putin Republicans' fault everything is so expensive."

And a nation where 70% of people were retarded enough to take an experimental jab will get amped up for the 'two minutes hate'.

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Can we not succumb to this? It's the Democrats who impose this lifestyle upon our black brothers and sisters. Just look at Africa. No Democrats and they live like kings in a veritable paradise of functioning civilization!

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Hey! I made this meme :)

I only hope it makes its way into a lefty's feed and ruins someone's entire day!

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Jeez. What is it with you liberals and your racism derangement syndrome? Why do you feel such a need to police people's feelings and force them to associate with people they dislike?

Is it because you hate the constitution and its promise of freedom of association? Or is it that you just can't stand the idea of someone standing up for themselves?

If I want to choose my friends and associates based on their taste in music, the shape of their nose, the color of their skin, or simply whether they like apples or oranges better - that should be my right! Maybe I'm just racist because I see crime statistics and figure it's a good self defense strategy is to practice a little preemptive discrimination rather than waiting for a reveal of the "content of one's character" and then have to rely on the government to put the pieces back together for me.

You liberals need to learn to mind your own business and stop imposing your values on everyone.

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The sound of my own million bricks shat as my first ever post gets stickied... suck it losers!

edit: wow thanks for the reddit gold!