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This I am glad to hear. No reason to be cannon fodder. . .probably most of the Ukranians were forced at gunpoint to go to the front or be shot. The remaining demons in Ukraine are fast losing out. . .and the soldiers know Russians will treat them well if they surrender.

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That's quite a testament to virtue signaling.

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Whazzat? Is he vaxxed? I don't understand this at all.

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He looks hateful. There's something wrong with a guy who gets a knife and starts repeatedly stabbing another guy. "They's thangs wrong with the guy."

I do hope he gets charged for property damage, and assault and battery. He should get a based judge and/or jury.

That lectern was not from a "lady". . .

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This is great. . .I just began and had to stop 7 minutes in. I've saved the link to finish the video tomorrow. Thanks for posting this.

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It looks as though you forgot the "M" . . ."listening to them debate. . ."?

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Bonami ~~ Satan's got game. This has been going on surreptitiously for many decades. It took the big grab killer vaxx to call attention to how "medical doctors" are poisoning us and our little ones. Even so, the denial of these facts is so strong many are still ready to line up for more genocide shots, companies continue to try and persuade the public to get their jabs.

Lost on the public is an incontrovertible conflict: Big Pharma finances medical schools. The resulting physicians are trained to prescribe petrochemical / petroleum-based drugs for all things, and then how to prescribe more to stay under the threshold of death as long as possible. It's a skill.

People had better wise up and smarten up, do some research of their own and take a U-turn from the medical community's poisons.

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Looks like a shape shifter.

Here's a useful tip for any photo: Cover one of the eyes and look into it; then cover the other eye and look into it. You will get two distinctly different messages. I've noticed the signal from the Left eye is the most threatening.

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Giza Dream undies would be awesome. . .the sheets are superb! They're like silk!

And anything you can get made of USA Pima Cotton. . .you're gonna love it!

Saved this Pepe. . .

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The obdurate layers of unconstitutional authority are like a million-year-old soil deposit strata. . .resistant to all intrusion. I'm pleased to see these young guys grinding it out, making it real, exposing it to the public for the first time. . .

I like this guy's outrage as he pronounces facts and laws and authorities to buttress his position. . .he's not so soft they try to run on him.

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