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I like evidence call me a faggot I guess, Kyle had evidence these two people did not. link me to a video that explains what happened. I want to understand but i need evidence

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if there was evidence on the contrary such as a video showing him trying to get at the gun they could get an appeal but if not then you really need to be smart pedes do not forget the chain of command, Rittenhouse went where the cops would not go the Auberry trial was about a man and his son chasing down a guy where cops could have been called, why not follow the guy and call 911? I don't know enough about the case I guess

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do not resign under any circumstances & never sign anything you aren't aware of the consequences

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yes we are so blessed to be together this year i cant imagine the pain the people in #WaukeshaMassacre must be feeling

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My mom got run over by one in a parking lot, IDK if it was spike protein but the driver works for a hospital so it is likely she did get the magic sauce. mom had a few broken bones shes 74 and unvaxxed as fuck I love her she's a tough bird didn't take any painkillers because she doesn't like anything like that.

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we barely have 2A if Rittenhouse went the other way they would first get the guns and then open the camps

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whatever happed to the Onion browser is that a thing wouldn't it be beneficial to use that kind of site to stay of the 3 letter agencies radar?

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for real we need to remind the commies every 11/19 where the line was drawn

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