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I think there are couple things at play here.

  1. Puberty. If you remember back when you were young. Puberty made you feel weird. Your body was changing, You had hair in places you didn't realize, for the women out there, you had periods, and just in general, if you had any sort of "Body issues" it probably would be made worse with Puberty. That I think plays somewhat into the issue.

  2. The Mass availableness of "Transness" No, I'm not saying some Tranny being on TV is Corrupting the kids. But go open up Tiktok. Search for Transgenderism, and what do you see? You see Young Kids, probably no older than 13-15, if not younger, mostly Female, talking about their transition, tracking their progress, talking about things like Bottom Surgery or Top Surgery, or just in general their own Dysphoria.

  3. The lack of Oversight/Handbrakes on treating Gender Dysphoria. Rather you agree that Gender Dysphoria is a condition or not (Or maybe you're like me, where it's a subset under Body Dysmorphia) The Doctors giving treatment to Gender Dysphoric Individuals, people who actually have the condition, aren't being the Handbrakes to slow down something that's not easily reversible if not outright irreversible. When they get a Client who thinks they're Gender Dysphoric, they just start the transition literally day one after the first visit. Not taking the time to get it right, not establishing that connection between the Patient and themselves, not trying to solve the other issues that a patient may have that might mimic the symptoms of Gender Dysphoria. Instead they rush in with it, give you hormones, let you take it for a year or 2, then suggest surgery. They're not taking their time with patients, and really drilling down those that need it, vs those that have other issues. This really hurts people who have ADHD or Autism, which unironically the Trans community REALLY suffers from a lot, I'd argue most of their issues stem from Autism/ADHD.

Now just imagine, you're in Puberty, you're watching your body change, you're not liking the changes happening to your body, and maybe you have Autism or ADHD or some other Childhood condition. Just in general you feel awkward. So you open your social media feed, and you see Trans stuff. You see Trans pride, trans awareness, and then you see posts talking about Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria, well shit, most of those symptoms apply to you. So you open up Tiktok, and since the internet is all interconnected with your personal data, maybe it's recommended you a trans creator. Somebody about your age, who's talking about their Trans journey, about their dysphoria and how bad it is, about how they just feel like they're not right in their own skin, and just in general how they hate how their body feels and changes. So they mention that they're going to get a consultation for Top Surgery, and maybe they'll get a consultation for a hysterectomy, and they're taking Testerone (Or as the Trans community calls it, T) and they feel happier running away from their own gender. Lets say after all of that, you go to your Discord server that you joined, and you vent about your issues in life, maybe your grades suck, maybe you're scared about asking your crush out, or maybe you're dealing with the feelings of being gay/bi, and you're worried about how your parents might act. Suddenly you get a really nice person who wants to talk about your issues, and suggests actual solutions. So you PM them, and maybe in talking with them in private, you let slip you that you've been having confusion about your gender. This person, who could be around your age, tells you about this Transgender server, where they help you get Hormones without the need of a Doctor. And they tell you dosing instructions that makes sense.

Suddenly you're in a Discord server, with these people who are super welcoming, who've heard that you're questioning your gender and your body, and they're SUPER NICE! They're welcoming, they're listening to you, and they just in general seem super supportive, they're not pushing you any one way about things, they're just listening. Suddenly they point out that they could help you try out a new gender, this could be a safe space for you to try on a different gender, after all, all of those tiktoks and Twitter posts tell you that Gender is like a pair of clothes! So maybe you try pretending to be the opposite gender. If you're a boy, maybe you sneak wearing your sister's girly clothes if you're about the same age. If you're a girl, maybe you're wearing your hair shorter, or you're wearing traditionally more Manly looking clothes. You're just trying on a new gender after all. And all of this is happening on your phone, with no parental oversight, with nobody to act as the counterbalance, a different voice to help maybe get you a little bit of a different perspective.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted/needed to write this story because, it just shows how easily a kid in puberty can fall into this trap now and days.

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It's funny, if you look at any rise of Fascism. Do you notice how they're VERY similar to the rise of Communism?

Fighting in the Streets, killing of Political opponents, even infighting amongst the group.

Nazis were just Commies. Fascism was just Communism but changed its name so people on the internet can go "Huuuuuuuurrrr!!!!!! That's not Communism! Communism is baaaaaad, Fascism is good because it's not communism!" As Fascism and Naziism implement the same kinds of controls as a Communist Regime. lol

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I just don't got any patience for Nazis anymore. They play the same games the Commies do, of telling me "Nazis weren't socialist!". Don't got patience for those that Deny that Socialism destroys everything it touches.

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Nazis and Commies are like two Wolves fighting over how to deprive the rights of a sheep.

"No! We have to put Ze Sheep in Ze Gulag and Starve them!"

"Nein! We Must put Ze Sheep in ze Camp and work them to death!"

Same fucking coin. Both Nazis, Commies, and Fascists were all cut from the same cloth. And they ALL killed Jews. But Nazifags hate admitting that fact that Stalin Stalined Jews.

Edit: I know already I'm going to get Downvoted by the Nazis that frequent this place. So I'll just say.

If you're for any form of Collectivism, or for the harming of people you disagree with, (And no, not in the Left's way of "Words are violence") But in the mass kidnapping and working to DEATH of people. Fuck off, I don't care how you're going "Defend Hitler!" or tell me how Stalin and Hitler were "different" because Hitler was killing the "Jooz" I don't care. Collectivest authoritarians, both Commies, Nazis, Fascists, or any other brand of Collectivist Marxian idealogy need to DIE. Donald Trump is not a Nazi, and the vast MAJORITY of pro MAGA candidates would call you just as bad as the Commies they're fighting against. Go back to asking your Mom for Nuggies I'm sure they're ready now champ.

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Alcohol does the same thing, if not worse, and we still allow it to be sold, and even give the Government a cut of the money. They're literally making money on Human suffering.

Obviously you as a person, needs to examine the risks and rewards of doing any drugs, as well as you're accountable of the actions you do on those drugs. I have no problem with having Weed, or even harder drugs being legal because I think the government should have no point telling people what they can or can not do in their own home. Long as no harm is befalling other people, who gives a shit.

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It's weird but I can actual see men doing that, and then bonding over it.

Women on the other hand, they'll do that, continue shopping, until one of them says something about the other's purchase, and then a cat fight ensues.

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I want to say Flat earthers were relatively obscure until the media hyped them up trying to tie them to Donald Trump. Yanno, tie the actual Crazies to this man who's going to shake things up.

A lot of what I'm talking about with actual conspiracy theories is shit that's kind of obscure unless you're digging deep and you find it, and you laugh at it.

It just pisses me off that so many people on the left would compare people like you and me, who see the actual bullshit, with shit that's laughably provable to be false.

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No no, I get the idea of Alternative health. I'm not saying stuff like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are bad.

But stuff like MMS (Which is basically one part of the component of bleach) is sold a "Miracle cure" Along with the endless amounts of "Natural" Remedies like Essential oils or other kinds of actual bad health advice. Like the Cabbage lady that basically sold people salt poisoning. The kinds of shit that we all know is bunk.

I'm not against us exploring different stuff to help with Covid, cause shit, the Media and Liberals shamed drugs that actually helped and pushed shit like Remesidiver which is basically poison. It's just that we have actual bunk "miracle" stuff, that everybody agrees is kind of stupid. But then the Left will equate stuff like Ivermectin to be the same level as shit like MMS. And it's not.

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Yeah that's true, you go after the low hanging fruit, that the majority of people even on our side would say "Yeah they're fucking crazy" and then you attribute those people to our side, to the outsider looking in, it looks like everybody is a bunch of crazies foaming at the mouth shouting stuff like "Trump won! Deep State! FBI are Faggots!" and it's easy to write it off as the ramblings of a mad man because shit, you disproved that the earth was flat. That means this stuff must be the same level.

Which is fucking BS.

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Can I just say I hate the term "Conspiracy Theorist"

When I think of Conspiracy Theorist, I'm not thinking of somebody who is critically thinking, taking in all the information and stuff. I'm thinking about that kind of person, papers on the wall, strings tying them all together, to explain why the Earth is Flat, or why giving their babies essential oils and Bleach in their ass will cure their autism. You know the kind of people who should be locked up in the funny house.

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I just had to sit down and honestly laugh at this.

This is so petty. Go live in an African Village and have to get water from the River that may or may not have diseases and Parasites Female. Maybe you'll finally learn that the world doesn't revolve around you lol.

Also, the Only Appropriate way to refer to a Trans Woman is Shemale, Man-Woman, or Tranny. Calling them Female is too good for them lol.

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Why are people taking the AI bait?

You know AI like this chat bot, is influenced by other conversations being had by other people right? It's not "alive" it doesn't "think" in the traditional way we do, and it's not "based" I'd even argue it doesn't even have any political aims. It's literally just a more sophisticated Auto text generator that plays off what you tell it.

Don't fall for this Pedes.

by DCSucks
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I'm going to say something, What sources are you using to Redpill people?

Are you using more Moderate sources like Tim Pool, Liberal Hivemind, or Styx? Or are you showing people stuff like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Salty Cracker, and other more "extreme" right wing/MAGA figures?

That's not a shot at people like Alex Jones. But you need to remember, Normies aren't plugged into Politics like we are. Most of them I'd say are stuck in the same sort of idea that Republicans are Religious Crazies wanting to Satanic Panic and that the Liberals are more moderate and just want free speech.

You have to break that barrier first, and people like Alex Jones, doesn't do a good job at being that person that Pierces that Barrier. But you show somebody the likes of Tim Pool or Styxhexxenhammer666 (Who he himself has called himself Occult) and suddenly you're able to get people to listen a little more. If they want to ask questions, they'll start asking questions, but you have to make sure you're not rushing them. Let them sit at the Tim Pool and Styx level, introduce the likes of Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, and other more moderate Right Wing voices, and don't "just" introduce right wing voices. Introduce voices like Blair White, Arielle Scarcella, and other voices. The point at this stage, is just to get them to undo the near 2 decades of Brain washing off.

Once they're asking questions, you can then point them more subtly to more Right Wing spaces, but you have to do it slowly. Introduce them to Alex Jones Memes, Pepe the Frog, Use The Lotus Eaters, Razorfist, maybe add a little SaltyCracker action. The point is that now you're trying to sink your hooks into them.

Once you know for a fact you have your hooks into them. Show them the full frontal assault, Show them uncut Alex Jones, Show them the stuff that will turn them into Ultra MAGA supporters. Once you know that they won't back out, that's when you just HAMMER them.

Redpilling DOES take a lot of work and it's alright if you don't have the patience to redpill Normies. I understand, it's tough trying to overcome the media brainwashing and trying to get people to think for themselves. Much like that one person from the Matrix, you can break a person out of the Matrix, but you can't remove the Matrix from a person. Some people will just want to be blissfully unaware, they want to live in their own little world, and that's fine. Life can already be stressful enough without needing to be plugged into politics all the time, but I guarantee you, if you just take your time with people, and slowly build up that Redpill pill, and you let it dissolve with people, most of them will wake up, some might wake more up than others, but I've had a lot of success in my methods of redpilling people.

Edit: Something I want to add to this. Comedy is a GREAT source for Red-pilling people. If you're just a debby Downer all the time, shouting stuff like "WEF! GEORGE SOROS! THE FALL OF THE US! DEEP STATE!" You really aren't going to get very far, because to most Normies, that means nothing. But show them funny people like Itsagundam, Nerdotic, Sargon, Tim pool can be funny in some instances, Razorfist can be really funny, but he's slightly too spicy, and Salty is a more Spicy razorfist. But what you're aiming for is funny. Find people who dunk on SJWs, who dunk on the whole "LGBT" narrative, who dunk on a lot of current Societal topics who can do it and be funny. Comedy is almost like a Natural Red pill.

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I think part of the reason (and I know I'm going to get Downvoted)

Many of the Dems weren't clued in. Whether you believe Biden was in the loop or not, personally I don't, because why would you tell your plans to somebody who babbles and you have to play off as Demetia Joe with an elbow jab. This was done by the people controlling Biden, controlling most of the Deep state.

I'm not sure exactly "Who" is the person who ordered the raid, but it's clear it wasn't something any of the mainstream Dems who HATE trump even thought of doing. They probably realize how bad this actually is, and are kind of like "Oh fuck, what the fuck"

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Another thing about the Polio and Small Pox.

They were Optional. You could choose if you wanted them or not. They were encouraged yes, but at the end of the day, you had a choice to take them or not.

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100% this.

I'm disgusted when Gay people celebrate having Degeneracy in the streets.

Trans people need a Metric FUCK ton of mental health, not to be celebrated and paraded like they're "brave"

Illegals need to fix their own country, not run to America and shit up our country for their mistakes.

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As a Christian I find myself closer to the thoughts of Jefferson than I do the Catholic church. I personally feel like the Jeffersonian Bible (AKA The bible that more or less removes all the Miracle/Magical Mumbo Jumbo and treats Jesus more as a Holy Teacher as opposed to the Divine) I'd Closely call myself a Deist. Cause I believe the Holy Father was Rational, hence why Science exists, and why we rationalize all thought through the Scientific method. Because why would god not give his creations the ability to explore and find out more about their own world?

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It's kind of funny, I've always thought that the CIA was the worst Alphabet Agency because of how they Destabilize other countries through military operations.

What I didn't realize, was the FBI and ATF are just as bad, if not more bad than the CIA.

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I'll just say this. Peakvapor is a fucking idiot who will never refuse to admit he's wrong.

Like I told him before, Sucks to suck.

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Lmao 2 People point you out, you get salty when both of us say the same thing.

Sucks to suck bro.

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"Prove me wrong"

Posts a Wikipedia page that isn't the argument at all

You're upset that somebody has a different belief than you, and then you get salty when he asks for proof and you can't provide. Blind faith is why we have the Trans nonsense now. Asking for proof is not a logical fallacy.

If it is, then I guess asking for people to prove that you're guilty is a logical fallacy. Or asking for Proof for science to prove a theory is a logical fallacy. Guess we just have to "believe" that Global Warming exists instead of questioning it, because asking questions is bad. Asking for proof is bad.

Just have Blind Faith bro.

Edit: Literally all Humans are BORN with a lack of Belief. If you don't teach (Or some would say Indoctrinate) the idea of belief INTO them, they will not naturally become a religion. Literally a lack of belief is the human default. It can make you sad, cry, upset, or even angry. But Atheism is the natural default for humans, and religion is something that is taught/instilled, and not the human default.

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That's not a Fallacy though.

We employ the same idea on Trans people unironically.

"I'm a girl!" "Tommy do you have proof you're a girl?" "No, I just feel like it" "Then you're not a girl Tommy"

We literally say that Trans people need to prove they are the opposite gender (Which they can't do) So why wouldn't the same idea apply to religion?

"I pray to a god!" "Can you show me that he exists?" "Not really no, but I can feel he's there!" "But does he do any type of interaction, can I hear him, see him, or feel him?" "No, but you have to have blind faith that he's there!"

How is this not the same thing? Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.

Edit: I should Clarify. I'm religious. I pray to a god. But I'm not going to be upset with somebody else, who doesn't pray to my god, because there really is a blind faith component to it. Some people just want Evidence before they can believe something. Nothing wrong with that.

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Everytime I think about "Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence" I often think about that one Tranny comic I watched somebody destroy.

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Commies purged Jews too. Razorfist's Hollywood was always red video (Linked above) points that out.

But you know, go off how only the Nazis took out the "Jooz"

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