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So tranny's are now mass shooters as they claim that tranny jokes are promotion of violence? Got it.

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Technology is barreling towards crypto and the blockchain. Right now your investments 10 years from now will flourish of you are buying bitcoin and algorand.

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They had some disease. Im pretty sure that lady got sick and we all called her an idiot for touching the monkeys.

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The smoking thing is really interesting when you dig deep into it. There are multiple studies that show that you are 2x less likely to develop lung cancer if you are a tobacco smoker. Interestingly, you are twice as likely to develop lung cancer if you have a diet high in grains and pasta. I started digging into it because I was curious about cigarettes being recommended by doctors back in the day. Then you had that shit about smokers being more resistant to covid, but there are a lot of people trying to dispel the notion that tobacco causes cancer based off of numerous studies.

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I'm sorry but these tyranny chicks are fucking ugly as shit. No straight dude could ever be attracted to that shit.

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This is a really creative cartoon. I love how the bird looks angry about it. This is great stuff.

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I almost got stung by the bee right here. Things have been so fucking absurd the past couple years I thought this might have actually happened.

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How did they manage to look like both an ugly dude and an ugly chick at the same time?

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Holy fucking shit. I'm really starting to like this fucking guy.

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hashtag strength has no gender?? If I was about to buy paper towels and I seen that shit, I don't even care how shitty my other options were, I would refuse to buy it just for the messaging.

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I don't agree with Torba on this one. He's really stretching here, and I get he's built his platform on free speech and he wants people to know that, but I feel like this is an unnecessary attack on Musk for what Musk is saying here, also taking into consideration what Musk has been saying lately. I don't know if Torba read this the wrong way and is hearing something different than the message Musk is sending, but he should chill out

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The one where Jack wasn't allowed to go on without a chaperone who talked for him the entire time.

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I love the critical drinker. He reviews movies and shows and points out how much bullshit Hollywood has become. It's some pretty good stuff.

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Holy shit, I just went to see what people were saying to him before he deleted his account and holy fuck has twitter changed already. I scrolled forever just to get to tweets that were still within the hour and its so many people ripping this dude. I haven't seen anything like this in years. If this dude brings his account back he's going to have thousands of notification just from this tweet alone about it https://twitter.com/esaagar/status/1519079039931191296 This is really interesting, no wonder the left is losing their fucking minds right now.

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I bet he got roasted like a mother fucker before deleting his account.

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It absolutely could be. All I really see is how much the numbers have turned in our favor. If your numbers are growing while theirs are dwindling, well that can't be very good for their righteous bullshit.

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