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Hey u/OKRancher,

Would you in 2023 vaccinate your livestock, or would you recommend homeopathic or nature remedies?

Any resources for that knowledge you could share?

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America has been split between good and evil since the beginning. We are an exceptional country due to the values we are founded on.

However we also have all the occult masonry, the DC infrastructure and wiccan underlay, a fairly Luciferian streak all through our culture, and chattel slavery in our history since the founding.

I can't see America as a nation which had a promise or a pact with Yahweh. We have always had a deep spiritual divide and aggressive battle between darkness and light here.

How I now view us is as a proving ground for the virtues of the Christian ethic. When we live by Yahweh's instruction, fruitfulness comes to us through our actions and no small matter of blessings.

I also don't think that the positive virtues of the Christian ethics are actually living up to the full standard of Yahweh's expectations for us. It seems to me like we were never willing to fully turn ourselves to His direction, and that's what allowed the Left-Hand Path to become more grounded here.

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Ernst Rohm, leader of the SA, was a gay man who promoted gay men into positions of power. It was a big circle-jerk.

Be gay, get to be a Nazi leader.

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Ask it to follow up on that last one by commenting on swapping body parts.

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Don't let them take colors away from us. We can't abdicate individual colors.

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Also the color of royalty.

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But when was the last time you heard it as part of the common parlance?

Fifteen years ago? Twenty?

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A huge amount of people left over that.

That's why the feds use white supremacy to break up conservative groups. It is an effective tool for controlling us.

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This is the Church of Satan, which say that they are Christians but they are not.

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Trans people live in complete delusion. They are pawns who think they are being who they were created to be, but they are not.

They could literally just change their mind. That's it. They could seek help for dysphoria, admit they have a problem with their mind, and they could fix it. Instead they cut off parts of their bodies.

It's horrific, really. I feel sadness for them and have been personal friends in the past with several who had it real bad. But I can't blame you for laughing at them. What they do is a mockery of life.

They have sewn bad seeds and receive bad fruit. They live in denial of reality and choose to live in both mental anguish and often physical pain because of their soul sickness. It is mind boggling.

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This was the same tactic that was described in the screenshots last year from a white supremacy forumboard. They were organizing dates and times to come over here in groups and use alt names to boost their rankings. They described that they wanted primarily to grind down the users on PDW through exhaustion so they could take control of the board through population attrition.

May have been two years ago now. Since Trump left the White House.

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And what do we do if we can determine that our moderators actually DO have negative intentions? That's not unreasonable.

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Ha, ha, ha, I earmarked this topic to be stickied the moment it was posted.

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What would you do differently for starters?

The little rock we are on has just the perfect mixture of elements to support life. It is exactly the right distance from the sun to support life. We have food, water, air. Gravity. We have instructions, and when they are followed then we prosper from the fruit of the seed we sow.

For these little things I have gratitude.

What would be your first change?

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I am neither a Christian nor am I the word of God.

There actually is a Word of God. It ain't us.

May I ask, are you God?

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How can you say this, and claim that you have been treated unequally in any form?

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