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WE are.

  1. Send US tax dollars to Ukraine.

  2. Xiden bagman collects kickbacks.

  3. Launder money from Ukrainian kickbacks through multiple shell companies.

  4. 10% for the "big guy".

  5. Send Hunter his allowance.

  6. Hunter pays attorneys.

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And in the same breath, these mockingbird media dispshits will claim that indicting Trump isn't political.

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If I'm not mistaken, it looks like midway through the video, he got his period.

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Imagine how absolute and utterly corrupt this asshole has to be for him to actually get indicted.

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Doesn't matter. They are being enlisted as part of Xiden and the left's cancel brigade.

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This is all part of a coordinated attack from the Xiden admin for Musk shutting down Starlink when Ukraine wanted to attack Russia. You watch, if they tank his stock enough, they'll get their concessions.

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They're doing this so they don't have to keep their dirty money in digital form. Let's not fool ourselves that they're doing this for the good of America.

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They're gonna need a bigger trailer for that load of bullshit.

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These are the same people who called Trump the fascist.

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Well, I guess in that house, fucking up the yams is a capital offense...

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Didn't the Supreme Court already give the smack-down to these assholes who are trying to shit on the Constitution?

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Thank God they're such idiots. Can you imagine if these asshats were competent? We might even have to break a sweat.

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I had recently left the Pentagon shortly before this attack. I knew some of the people who died there (as well as a relative who died in tower 1), and some who investigated this. I remember the look on one of the investigators face as he described the hatered he had while standing next to one of the burned and broken engines in the carnage. Personally, I will never forget the anger I had, and still, to this day, have.

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If I were that 12yo boy I'd still be scrubbing the shit out of my dick.

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They're only high calorie if you eat them. On the hoof, they're just fat.

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