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I was making fun of people in Lowes this past weekend.

Hey buddy! You sick? If you're scared of the boogie woogie virus, you better step away from those power tools, pussy.

LOL. I do this in front of my kids, too. Teach my kids to bully these fraud fuckers.

I told my daughter it's not nice to pretend to be sick. She said "I'm Not Sick!" I said I'm not sick either. Let's not pretend to be like these zombies.

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"Doh! I forgot to clear the recycle bin" - Maricopa County Supervisor

"Son of a bitch. We should have used that bleachbit shit Hillary used to wipe her corrupt criminal activity off her server." - Other Maricopa County Supervisor

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Wasn't John Lennon a communist?

He would have voted for Joe Biden.

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Remember when demoKKKrats pretended to be outraged over Stormy Daniels?

But then they rallied around a HO for VP.

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Just say you got vaccinated. Pretend.

Those morons have been PRETENDING to be sick for over a year. So you pretend too.

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Looks like a copy paste job.

That woman probably voted for Biden.

She takes a picture with a blank white tee on then merchants copy paste any slogan they want.

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The kind of officers demoKKKrats are hiring won't care.

Who runs the HR department of every government local state federal? Angry ugly unmarried childless communist talentless women.

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State legislators knowingly sent fraudulent electors to Washington D.C. to get confirmed.

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Living a joyful life is the best revenge.

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Take a break from the politics.

Go hang out with your children. Do something fun with them. Enjoy your loved ones.

Serve the Lord by FAITH, not by understanding.

Serve the Lord By Faith, Not Understanding (Pastor Charles Lawson) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ld22OAB_yo

Stay away from the alcohol. Treat yourself to a really good, healthy meal. I love great, delicious food.

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Then go wear a hazmat suit, faggot.

I'm not sick. Neither are you. Stop being a bitch. If you're that much of a scared bitch about your saliva clouds, Darwin is going to take care of you one way or another.

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All of this still assumes that people who fell like a million bucks are unknowingly spreading disease, which is bullshit.

Asymptomatic spread was debunked over half a year ago. Fraudulent tests with a 40% false positive rate were fooling people into thinking they were positive when they had no symptoms. They had no symptoms because IT'S A FALSE POSITIVE!

Stop pretending to be a diseased rodent. Pretenders are frauds. Take the mask off. You'll survive, pussy.

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We need to reverse everything.

Conservatives are too nice.

Time to bully these people. Make it socially awkward to wear a mask. Put them on the defense. Be the Anti-Karen. The bully of bullies. A bully's worst nightmare. Mock these frauds pretending they are sick. Anyone wearing a mask like a diseased rodent probably doesn't have the balls to step to me. And if they did then they aren't socially distancing and they're not really worried about a virus, which further proves my point. You want to fight homeboy? But what about the virus? LOL

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A low iq self loathing pseudo-journalist teleprompter reading Fraud with very small testicles the size of peas.

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I just go into stores maskless and tell people to stop pretending they are sick. I bully them to take their masks off. What are you? A diseased rodent? I know you're not sick. You know you're not sick. Your mask only filters droplets and we don't spit on each other. Take the thing off you poser. You pretend to be sick. You're a fraud. Some guys almost cry. Had a few hot girls behind the counter laughing. Damn this dude has balls. I got one of their numbers. Maybe I call her today and make more pedes.

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FBI = Faggots, Bitches, Idiots

The stasi arm of the demoKKKrat Organized Crime Syndicate.

Have you found your fake pipe bomber for your fake pipe bomb with the kitchen timer strapped to it yet? LOL you fucking FRAUDS!!!!

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Safe and civil, unless you're fraudulently accusing Justice Kavanaugh of rape. Then it's not a "verbal assault."

Unless you're trying to blame Trump for crimes Joe Biden bragged about committing in high resolution recorded video.

Or how about REAL assault? Like Joe Biden groping underage girls during photo shoots in the White House? Or groping Tara Reade.

Or how about MURDER? Like Capitol Police shooting unarmed, peaceful protestors in the head?

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Was that before or after she was posing nude in front of her son and posting it on instagram?

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