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And you can learn a lot from the stories in the bible. And religion can be useful. And I like Christians. But pretending things like the ark are historically accurate is dumb.

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I'm an athiest and I think hiring an athiest as a Chaplin is fucking retarded. Atheists need to stay the fuck out of religion.

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My dog did that too but I'm not fast enough with my phone. Also my dog is way better looking.

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2.6 million buys a farm and enough supplies to last for years, convert the rest to bitcoin. Yeah I'll take the shot for 2.6 million. Even if it kills me I'll have set up a resistance compound for my family.

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Little Caprice is her porn name. She is a hall of fame material. Yes I'm that pathetic.

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The importance of Q truthers is very little.

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You are wrong sir. He said screw YOUR freedoms. He absolutely wants HIS freedoms.

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McDonald's is Committing a Second Holocaust

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Literally everyone in Florida died of coronavirus. I swear. Its true. Snopes says so. Giant fucking ghost state, but the coronavirus is still going to hover in the air for like a thousand years so you cant visit.

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I'll give them a threat of violence. The next god damn mosquito that lands on me is gonna get it.

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