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The hell took so long? Scary there's been so few willing to tell the truth.

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Yup. She's well aware if the system wanted to they would have made her President. They absolutely miscalculated in 2016 as they thought Trump was a meme, but yeah her election night meltdown breaking a television over John Podestas head showed just how furious she was.

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The question is, how much longer do we allow it to go on? Going deeper, how do we prevent it from happening in the future? Assuming we actually clean house at some point... We are in a similar position as the Founders were, except men were men back then. Everything from our diets to faith need to be rectified. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

by Zskills
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Fucking lunatics.

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Too nice, too soft spoken. But he's a good man and Trump likes him.

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Gonna break out the good scotch tonight.

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I don't understand how their hearts don't blow out.

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I'm lucky. We have an amazing Chinese buffet where I live. Food tastes great, always hot, nice staff, the customers are normal hungry people. It's like 9 bucks a person for lunch. Never had an item I didn't like, place is a gem.

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