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I know plenty of leftists who consider themselves "submissives" which are basically slaves. Deep down, they want someone to own them and put them in their place.

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Police only seek refuge with their own brothers in blue. Read what the founders said about standing armies, which the police count as.

They knew they would hold more allegiance to their jobs and brothers in arms than they would to the country and constitution.

The blue is not our friend, never have been, never will be. If they were going to wake up and help us out of this nightmare they would have already done it. Instead many of them are going along with it cheerfully and without losing sleep.

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Unfortunately we let them marry each other and create deep blooded political dynasties the world over that they use to undermine the rule of law. Now, the American dream is dead.

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Demographics are destiny which is why whites aren't allowed to talk about it or fight back.

You will be replaced and the elite want it by dumb slaves who will never be able to challenge them mentally or work their way out of serfdom.

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My only worry is that this won't happen and the jabbed are going to make it and continue to try their best to destroy this world with their demoralized stupidity.

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A lot of pedes don't seem to be old enough to remember or see how the tables have turned.

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Just activate the militias Texas, this problem will end in a week, forever.

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Everyone who supports illegal immigration should just be sent back with the illegals once we deport them.

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Thats 12 months of lockdown energy coming out.

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Her doctor is a raging conservative and is doing his best to kill all the communists by pushing them to keep taking boosters.

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Yes I know, now go research Marek's disease and how it was created and how we combat it and understand what I'm talking about.

100% death rate in chickens because we fucked up. Now chickens HAVE to have their vax or they die.

They want this in humans are trying to make it happen anyway they can.

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All this shit slinging against one side or the other is part of the gig, be nice if more people realized it. The GOP hates us for the most part even more than the DNC does.

At least the DNC can openly vent their hate and anger.

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The NWO won't admit they know this, but yes, yes it is. They really really really want to create Marek's in humans so that only people who take their jab actually survive. That way they can cull the population and still act like they're saving it.

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It's most certainly encrypted on a shuffled randomized frequency or someone would have certainly picked it up by now.

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Our corporations sold us out because China is a bigger long-term market. They are doing their best to sub-vert the rest of us while they loot and attempt a permanent take over.

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It's also the new Hollywood as a ton of filming is done there now. They want a 2nd cultural degeneracy base to spread their cancer from and they're slowly turning GA into it.

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Why do the mask faggots always put their fingers and hands on the front of the mask to remove it. IDIOTS that's where all the fucking shit you think it stops is built up.

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Shit are we going to have to actually deal with zombie people?

by tholins
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They want you dead, you shouldn't be surprised by now. Wake up.

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People here don't realize how much fraud we documented and had lined up when Ron was running. It was all the same type of stuff we saw in 2020, we had the same evidence, and nothing was done then either.

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They've stolen the country and drawn the battle lines, they're telling you that you will not get it back and everything they have at their disposal they will use.

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Always the Steins for some reason.

Why is that?

Is it a Cohencidence?

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