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They are planning to start the civil war on purpose.

To rebuild America how they want they need to completely destroy it.

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They still want to get about 20-40 more million illegals into the country by then to fight for them and help sow chaos for the rest of us.

They plan to come out of all of this on top with total and full control.

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The fact people even here can't seem to grasp what the uniparty actually is, is kind of depressing.

No duh the republicans aren't helping, 90% of them are gobalist uniparty scum who fucking hate all of us.

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The subversion and take over is so obvious at this point it's actually kind of frightening that none of our systems are left to fight it. Everything has to be grass roots.

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My stuff = my time manifested in physical form.

If you destroy my stuff, you may end up stealing years of my life. That's basically murder.

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Imagine trusting the people who have been calling you a useless carbon emitter and injecting their poison into your body, lol.

CNN viewers and jabbers are some of the dumbest most weak willed people on the planet.

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wE doN'T DO pURitY tEsTs

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Troons think rape is funny as long as they're the ones doing it.

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Too many people became well adjusted to a sick society and decided that everyone deserves to live and try to co-exist together.

Despite the fact history and reality show this is impossible.

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Two realities can't co-exist with each other.

In the past this lead to civil wars and other things. Can modern western man save him self or will they roll over and let the globalists win?

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DOJ is just another arm of the globalist machine.




All in lockstep to dismantle the USA and usher in a NWO. Are you still playing along with any of those industries?

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These are the people who WILL gladly load you and your family onto the train if told to do so.

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No, the just know they have to keep tricking dumb conservatives into watching them.

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Until they're dead, because they will never admit their ideas aren't wanted or complete failures.

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Good thing that Fascist Commie Thugs aren't human and no one will lose sleep over them disappearing.

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If you trust their numbers, and why should we? They've lied about everything since this started in order to try and get more people to comply.

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The blackest pill is realizing that depopulation is the only answer. The lemmings must be purged for society to advance.

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Meanwhile the MLB and other globalist faggot sports companies will take their money and funnel it to agencies and non-profits that destroy the country.

But hey, we got em!

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They support the Synagogue of Satan who think Jesus is burning in a lake of fecal matter. That says all you need to know about them.

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If they upheld their oath she would be arrested and disappeared already. She's lucky they don't.

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Faggots used to understand what regulatory capture was but for some reason they forgot.

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