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Haven't you heard? It's called the vaccine variant.

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Yup, proud anti-vaxxer here. Might as well own the label so long as it triggers libtards. The narrative surrounding the supposed successes of vaccines is grossly exaggerated. The reality is they've contributed very little to the century long public improvement in general health at best and at worst, they've caused significant harm.

Fuck vaccines.

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But this isn't just a case of simple misusage; they're actively redefining words to the point of meaninglessness to serve an agenda i.e. see the recent definitional changes in Merriam and other dictionaries to terms like "antivaxxer" or the evolution of the term "racism" over the course of a century to be invisible and encompass microaggressions.

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There are tonnes of conservative traditionalists in loving relationships who want to see a restoration of patriarchal monogamy and traditional sex roles. Most of their womenfolk would agree. JFL @ thinking this has anything to do with incels. The traditionalist men of the right are future-oriented, able to see the forest instead of the trees, unlike Joe Normie.

Do yourself a favour and stop listening to the MSM.

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Womens' rights aren't forever. Like multiculturalism and globalism, they're an artificial construct sustained by the neoliberal order.

They'll probably end sooner than you think.

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Incel, much like racist, sexist and antivaxxer, has become a term of abuse for someone who holds an opinion you don't like. It's totally fucking meaningless at this point.

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Well if you live in America you live in a socialist state.

Yet the American government closely collaborates with corporations and crony capitalists to enforce medical tyranny. No they're not socialists, they're fascist totalitarians, much like the Nazis. The only redistribution that's occurred is the substantial upward wealth transfer to billionaires and trillionaires. They're using the "pandemic" as a ruse to enrich themselves, decimate the middle classes and further impoverish the poor.

Imagine if your government actually cared about you like Hitler's did.

JFL In the end, Hitler didn't give a shit about anyone, not even his dog Blondi. He wanted to destroy all German infrastructure and kill off as many of his own citizens as possible. Look what he did to Germany FFS!

Hitler was not much different from Biden and the other globalist oligarchs. He was just another tyrant intoxicated with power.

If you think otherwise, you're a sheep waiting to be culled.

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Let's face it, they're not as politically far apart as you think.

They're fascist totalitarians responsible for maiming and killing large numbers of people.

Biden supports large-scale human biological experimentation, just like Hitler did.

Hitler was loved by his supporters, but so is Biden. They were hated by everyone else.

They both ruined their own nations.

Stop defending tyrants.

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Yeah what's with the stormtards. I've noticed tonnes of obsessive comments about Jews on NNN lately. They have a habit of turning entire boards into pigsties.

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The dude was super moral.

So incest and being urinated and defecated on are morally acceptable to you? Because Hitler enjoyed all three.

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This is correct. The socialism in "national socialism" means Volksgemeinschaft, the Nazi social utopia unified along racial, not class lines. The equality the Nazis envisioned wasn't economic. It was an equality of blood purity. So it's hilarious how people conflate the Bolshevik version of socialism with national socialism. The two have absolutely nothing in common, except for their collectivistic and authoritarian tendencies.

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Hitler had a thing for being urinated and defecated on. He was also incestuous.

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Hitler enjoyed incest and having women pee on him, but wasn't a pedo.

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There's a world of difference between ethnic kin who have occupied a region of Europe for centuries and ethno-racially, linguistically and culturally distinct illegals who have invaded the US in the last few decades in search of gibs, often with the connivance of government. Please don't conflate the two.

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I guess you have no problem with the Covid-19 medical fascism. Hitler and Goring would have creamed their panties thinking about how many people they could kill with the mRNA tech on their quest for world domination.

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JFL @ this low IQ Da JoOoOs DiD tHis1 cope.

Jews are disproportionately over-represented in any movement or field that isn't explicitly anti-Semitic. But that doesn't mean anything in and of itself. Jews are also heavily over-represented on the right, especially among those trying to rid Western civilization of liberal-leftist degeneracy. Many of the most prominent conservative thinkers are Jews.

If you want to blame anyone for the current state of the West, blame your fellow white gentiles. They're the ones pushing the feminism, transgenderism, multiculturalism, globalism, medical fascism and other woke degeneracy. This has nothing to do with (((them))).

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JFL Hitler persecuted more than just Jews and Gypsies. He literally murdered his own German people, which includes Protestant and Catholic clergy, conscientious objectors, intellectuals, Prussian aristocrats, his own associates, anyone he didn't like or who disagreed with him. Not to mention all of the people who died pointless deaths on the front lines in North Africa and at Stalingrad.

JFL at the amount of stormfaggotry on this thread.

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If he cared about his people, he wouldn't have destroyed Germany by waging a 6-year long world war.

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Your own source says that "Unaffiliated (religious 'nones')" make up 22.8%, not 3.1%.


Most "Unaffiliated" believe in god and those few who don't are not self-described atheists.

It wouldn't change that fact that your free thinking atheists are much more likely to wear the mask, eat the bug, live in the pod, and vote blue no matter who

That's Christians.

Also, there are virtually no atheists in positions of power in the US, so it's Christians again forcing the masks and gene modification death shots onto their own constituents.

When you tell people they don't need religion and think for themselves, you are just telling them to bow down to Anthony "I am the Science" Fauchi, because that's what they usually do.

LoL no. Think for yourself means do not trust anyone and question everything.

You might be an exception, but on average you know that the devoutly religious are much more likely than Atheists to be pro-Freedom, pro-2A, and pro-MAGA.

Then how do you explain the fact almost every single church is pro-Branch Covidian medical fascism?

Why would you come here and think you can convince people to take your blue pills?

Blue pills? LoL Says the man who believes in all those fairy tales about a magic Jew.

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