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Same thing with the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. My grandfather kept and showed me the newspaper with the headline saying that the toll was temporary. That was 50+ years ago. Ridiculous.

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I wonder which NGO instigated this. They didn't just all say, "1,2,3... jump!" and come to the US in one synchronized movement. The truth will come out sooner or later.

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Wow! We are planning on doing a major road trip for a year. We want to rent or buy a giant rig and drive from the East Coast to the West Coast, The kids are almost old enough and self sufficient enough, maybe starting next year? That's the plan and the dream anyway. Best wishes, fren!

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"My training in martial arts!"

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My husband and I just got a pop-up camper. Seeing the world in a whole new way, one campsite at a time. We love it. Fuck the airlines!

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James O is a REAL journalist and a brilliant showman. I hope he has impeccably credentialed personal security. I'm praying for him!

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I also argue that herd immunity is 100% impossible because the Coof has established itself in animal reservoirs as well. We simply cannot inoculate all of the animals on Earth, so it will still be out there, mutating away, no matter the percentage of people who are vaccinated. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's a decent argument as well.

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My husband of 2 decades said that he "is uncomplicated, and needs 2 things: Belly full, balls empty." Lol. There's definitely a lot more to it than that, but starting with that foundation, we have a beautiful marriage. It's had its ups and downs, but, my God I love him and am happy, and I'm certain that he's happy and loves me right back. Now, I need to continue working on being the best possible wife and mother that my family could possibly have...

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Sorry, I commented before reading. I'll remove it. Not awake yet.

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Wow, this is why I love this place! Weaponized organizational skills, combined with witty humor, ND entertaining memes, all added together with a twist of Autism-like intelligence and focus. Good job, Frens!

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I was trying to decide that, but wasn't sure. I think you're right though. Cheers!

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I suspect that it's both things at once; he is one of the "perfectly possessed" (Father Malachai Martin) AND he's totally doped up.

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Medical 911 calls will go waayyy downtoo. The 'hood in the dead of summer is off the chain. I especially loved it when we'd roll up to a house for a medic call that was a direct result of the summer heat. IE heat exhaustion, asthma, hypoglycemia, because MeeMaw was too heat sick to eat... and there would be 5-7 able bodied adults living with their mother/grandmother and NOT ONE could save up to buy her/them a single, second hand room AC.

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Nope it's certainly not a stutter, Mama. By the way, I was really, really close to choosing something involving MAGA and MAMA as my user name. Glad I didn't, wouldn't want to crowd you. Lol. I have horses, and I do, occasionally, use the name 'MotherMucker' as a handle. Best wishes!

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