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Great job, fren! I met my husband 22 years ago, he's my best friend and the best Dad to our girls that I could ever imagine. Were there hard years? Yep, we even separated for 2 years, but we both realized that we are soul mates. I really feel for single people out there trying to find a decent mate in this climate nowadays and I wouldn't want to trade places with any of them. Best wishes!

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Funny that he spoke to the IAFF, I come from a family of fire fighters, am a retired one, and I don't know a single one that didn't support and vote for Trump. If his speech were made in front of legit fire personnel, he would've been booed off the stage before getting lost...

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Hunter really does think he's sexy. Blechhhhhh!

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Thanks, fren!!! You're always busy doing the Lord's Work! ;-)

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I need that, but then, I'm a colorful, rare female pede, so...

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