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I think we’re all familiar with Bud Light drinkers by now.

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The only tax taken is capital gains.

Property, sales, licensing, fees, social security, Medicare.

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That Papa shade comes with danger.

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I can’t get with the laughing OK emoji’s. How terrible.

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The [global] Flood was a one time thing. That description is how it was before The Flood. We got a promise that it won’t happen again.

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If they tax everyone enough so that bearing children is unattractive, in just a couple generations they can get the population down to their 500,000,000 target. With enough automation, they’ll need less than 5,000,000 slaves to make, maintain, and clean everything.

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I’m used to seeing memes here, not poetry. That was beautifully poetic.

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And then buy a boat.

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Do the homeless vagrants not get any credit for this?

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Find your crowd. They’re out there.

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Exactly! First time I had frog legs I said they were like an improved chicken wing.

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Help me out with that part then please. I was reading one of their songs and that’s literally what it said.

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I looked into it and they think Mary is a god and rules over all??? They think she didn’t have any other children? Who wrote the book of James?

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Never “mandatory”, just (EXTREMELY) limited “reach” for your posts.

If you’re lucky, people will see your tweets if they click “Show more” then click “Some messages are hidden due to sensitive content” then click “yes” when prompted “are you sure?”

And after all that, if it’s a link it might appear as plain text with no clickable link, or if it’s a video it will stutter and freeze, or if it’s an image it might not load at all.

Great job, Elon! /s

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There’s not even a need to light the fire. They happen regularly there. Just need to respond insufficiently when the time comes and the deed is done.

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This guy's podcasts are the best. Take the time to listen to his 3 part Epstein series and share it.

Parts one and two If you're on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-martyrmade-podcast/id978322714?i=1000567791061

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