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Big thanks for this post, keep it up! It's much needed!!!

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(EDIT: Just saw the username lol; LET'S GO BRANDON! still, I'll leave the info up for anyone who is legitimately looking for some white pills)

Go to the Look Ahead America discord server,

Then go to the #white-pill thread.

TONS of uplifting news daily, like this...

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That many people probably would vote for someone's butt instead of... whatever this thing in the white house currently is.

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Freeze drier if you can

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Tbh I don't think so, if only because we had a bad vote split between the Republican nominee and the one who didn't make it but instead ran as an independent

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All gun control measures technically should be given the 2nd amendment, yet here we are

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Shared by Dr Mark Steffen. This is excellent stuff and I felt like sharing the white pill.

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As an aside, if anyone wants to cry about gun violence, you tell them:

Per 2017 data, car owners are over 700% more likely to kill or injure others than firearm owners.

To elaborate, roughly 1 in 200 car owners are responsible for traffic accidents resulting in injury or death...

But (besides suicide) only 1 in 1,000 firearm owners are responsible for firearm injuries or deaths.

If you don't count handguns, it's only 1 in 16,500.

That's without differentiating between defensive and non defensive firearm use, either.


US Population

2017 FBI Homicide Statistics

Bureau of Justice Injury Satistics

----- 2017-Specific Injury Data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Gun ownership as a percent of USA Population

Amount of registered motor vehicles in the USA

2017 Injury and Fatality Traffic Incidents

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I don't doubt this could be something that's happening, but without more corroboration than a random text post I'm personally hesitant to believe it.

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My rep is on there, the one I talked to specifically about this!!!! HYPED

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I volunteered to help Look Ahead America research voter rolls: https://lookaheadamerica.org/

I got in touch - via phone - with my state rep to make sure he's 100% aware of the Audit: https://patriots.win/p/13zNArgu9g/keep-in-contact-with-your-reps-p/c/

I keep encouraging people to become precinct committeemen: https://patriots.win/p/13zN69sRYn/the-precinct-strategy-is-working/c/

I need to link back to this post, too.

There's a TON that can be done.

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