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Even heard a clip of the chant at the Ryder Cup!

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Mark Fincham on OAN with Christina Bobb now- I do not see how we cannot decertify the election.

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Yes, thank you for that excellent summary and it should be a separate post.

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I wanted to hear more about that. For the first time ever in Cook County Il on Election Day I was given a sharpie to mark my ballot. I wonder how widespread the sharpie/adjudication thing was.

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The fact they had to fight so hard just to get this audit done tells me everything. Transparency my ass. And they never got everything requested.

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Don’t think the routers and splunk logs were ever turned over.

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Yes. The obstruction. What are they trying to hide?

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Thanks for that. I’ll check it. A lot of this is over my head. That’s why Dems just throw out Biden got more votes. For their lowfo sheep.

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