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Been watching on OAN. Enjoying all the speakers. Event wasn’t publicized much.

GBA4ever 10 points ago +11 / -1

As soon as someone admits they voted for the corrupt lifetime politician campaigning from his basement, I stop listening.

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I heard two senior ladies talking in the grocery store about how the election was stolen. Everyone knows it.

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Should have started building these right after CCP released Chyna virus. We are at war.

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Just fakes and doomers. I hope it returns to the original non-stop fun Trump rally. I occasionally watch local news which has pivoted to weather and heart warming stories but always a nonsense story about race or the January 6 committee.

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This is also a yahoo news story. Yahoo news is libtard cancer.

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And if you live near a city you see foot long fake eyelashes and fake nails and three foot braided hair extensions. Someone’s making a lot of money from the Biden Bucks. The leftist craziness is everywhere.

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Is that what causes lifeless black sharks eyes?

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She seems too good to be true. I hope she doesn’t disappoint. I sent her a donation anyway.

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Agree. My blue state news seems to be trying to pivot from Trump era fear porn to regular news and heartwarming stories because they are killing business. Stores and restaurants empty.

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