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I’m not easily triggered so I don’t boycott stuff like a liberal pussy would do. Also I never watched basketball ever because it’s a stupid sport, never watched baseball because it’s boring as hell. I watch college football, NFL and NHL. I don’t agree with what a very small number of some athletes do but sports are for entertainment, don’t make politics out of everything. Turn off all cable news and media in general, those are evil ones pushing their agenda.

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Some of you live miserable lives, I feel bad for you. All because of a couple athletes that you don’t agree with. The same people who don’t like athletes kneeling for our flag/anthem are now literally turning on their athletes who represent our country, peak clown world.

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Agreed, some of the people on here are extreme nut jobs if you ask me. I bet 99% of US Olympian’s are there to represent our country proudly, don’t take out your extremist thinking on them.

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Yes but he’s the first transgender to make the sports illustrated cover. Some poor guys will literally jack off to that cover thinking it’s a real woman, that’s messed up.

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Can you imagine the top grade chicks he’s going to be pulling with those good genes?

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G.I. Joe wasn’t no homo faggot,that’s for sure

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Sure the gang banger drug dealing ones but not all. I’ve been going to Southern California several times a year for last 20 years, it’s loaded with Mexicans down there. They’re hard working, polite and respectful down there and clearly want to work to support their families.

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I’m to the point where I think it would be better to let Mexicans in after heavy screening and have them fill our jobs. Americans are lazy pieces of shit more and more each day, they’d rather sit and home and collect free unemployment money.

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Sadly I don’t see anything coming out of this audit.

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Big Mike has shoulders of a linebacker

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MN mask mandate ends today. Same people who bowed to the CDC and “trust the science” are now saying it’s too soon and refuse to stop wearing them. Clown World.

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2020 was last election I vote in, all politicians (minus Trump) suck major dick plus it’s a rigged system.

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Bill Gates think he can save the world, but he can’t even save his own marriage

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200k applications in so far in 3 days. 96k are considered “high priority/ not evil white man”. Biden said enough money for a little over 100k businesses.

=White men won’t see a penny

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Nah it just means your post isn’t sticky worthy.

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