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Are these fake accounts or hijacked accounts?

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I find it funny that Democrats are saying How dare police do their job and assault criminals, and now they are playing the violins for these capitol police giving testimony.

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All I'm seeing is a BS clown show.

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As much as I don't like Nextdoor, I have to admit I found everything from people in my area on there. I joined a group on Nextdoor called Trump Train and when I was considering homeschooling, I posted a message. They literally sent me tons of links to sites and information I need. They also pointed to local private schools that do majority homeschooling and go to actual school one day a week. Just find like minded people and they'll help you out.

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Last I read it was only in Texas. I guess those deserters took over there.

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What ever happened to that high ranking Chinese guy that was spilling the beans?

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I'm thinking more Borg from Star Trek. The whole, "You will be assimilated" thing.

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Thankfully, due to the lockdowns in Texas, they passed a bill so alcohol can now be delivered to your home.

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I thought it was unusual as well. Makes me wonder who the tenants were.

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So we are supposed to listen to them because they're goal is to teach less and make more money doing it. Part of the plan?

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