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Wow, just imagine how often they have to replace redpilled employees.

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Satanists think that they'll get special treatment because they committed sins in Satan's name... Just a reminder, but Satan hates humanity's mere capability for sin, and unlike God their stance on it is absolute with no room for forgiveness...

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Heh, the ironic part being this was Grindelwald's symbol, the wizard who backed the Nazi's as a muggle depopulation method. It's basically the wizard version of a swastika already and dumbass liberals just engrave it on themselves like the vapid dumbasses they are.

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At least Putin's actually good at his damn job.

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"Let's arrest that guy, he's trying to incite violence."

"Oh, he's a legally licensed inciter to violence? He's free to go."

I just... Breaths in Breaths out hate these people so much.

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True, it's not as if Kyle could have known that at the time. Still innocent though.

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Did you really have to use one of the leaked AOC sex picks? You could have at the very least pixelated it a bit...

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It'll become noticeable when they aren't dropping dead like everyone else in a few months.

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Eh, I've found that vitamins supplements are only really nessecary when you don't diversify your diet enough. Just listen to your body's whims, it may seem random that you feel like eating pecans, but your body is better at this whole bio chemistry thing than you will ever be so just eat the nuts.

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"Oh, because their immunity won't protect them from the new variants!"

"Doesn't that mean the Vax won't work either?"


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They're not hired for their ability to think critically, the opposite actually since it means there's less suicides via 2 bullets to the back of the head that result in needing replacements.

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It's understandable though, why put in the effort if there's no possible way they can top what they did back in 2001?

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It just means he found out he wasn't considered important enough for them to bribe.

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