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Absolutely.... But everyone should remember that if the winds of opportunity turn, so will torba. He's done so before.

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I'm not big on the division crap, but I'm not a fan of torba, either.

Good on him for fighting for the cause, but he's also an opportunist.

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Wow. Hahahahaha

Down with the patriarchy!

Up with the (P)atriarchy!

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Except he did follow through, had bobalinsky on, showed the reciepts, and got LITERALLY nowhere with it. No one else picked it up, no agencies asked about it, and nothing came of it.

The Biden campaign didn't even acknowledge it.

So what do you do? Keep repeating it to the very people that already know its true, or gather up other stories and information to make sure your viewers continue to be informed?

I'm just asking, what was he supposed to do?

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Tucker didn't really do anything wrong with the election steal, though.

You have to remember that even though WE KNOW the election was stolen, tucker is a journalist and has to have evidence to prove it before he can say it.

If you recall, everyone freaked out about tucker because he ran a video about how America is still the greatest country.....

Why did we freak out about that? He's not wrong, and it appeared he was as stunned about the election as anyone, and used his position to try and calm people a bit.

In the end, I have no idea who's a good guy or a bad guy, but I do know that our side is just as prone to hyperbolic overreaction as their side.

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Opinion: People with opinions like this one will should get what they deserve.

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Right? I want to simply dismiss it, but I've already been thinking it for almost two years.

The last two years are so far fetched that three years ago me would think it sounds like a good fiction novel.

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Pretty much, yes.

A lot of our vaccines are unnecessary, if we'd simply curtail our illegal immigration issue. America is generally a clean place with little to no major disease outbreaks.

I also question why we give children a one size fits all vaccine dose and so many vaccines at once.

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Some leftist will argue that this is fine, just like the epstein camera was fine, just like the epstein island tape missing is fine, just like not showing the Jan. 6 tapes is fine.

At what point is stolen and deleted evidence a clear indicator of guilt?

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His Vax stance is fine.

If people want to inject themselves with whatever they want(remember that alcohol is a poison, after all), then go for it. I just don't want anyone to force me to do it to keep my job.

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For Canada? Hitler Germany 2.0.

For America? We have guns.

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Can't wait to see the headlines about why this is completely normal.

It was cocaine!

They haven't trained properly because of covid!

The ball girl was overly excited to be there!

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I have coworkers that are 100% invested. No joke, have to take off work from the anxiety of Jim crow 2.0.

People are stupid.

The democrats have convinced a large portion of the black population that conservatives want to rob them of their rights, while the democrats actively rob them of their rights and get cheered on for it.


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I don't care what anyone says, today we owe Sinema and Manchin quite a lot.

They may not be our friends or even really allies, but at least they understand the nation the live in, and believe in it enough to have a principled stance.

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I've helped(maybe saved, who knows?) people with the zelenko protocol.

I bought 700 12 MG pills of ivermectin, and it's been remarkably useful in the short time I've had them.

Thank God.

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This guy has them scared to death. All of them.

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Math, logic, common sense......


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What's happening here is that a very, very smart man, Dr. Malone, said there is mass formation psychosis on behalf of most of the population that is living in fear....

Their solution? Claim adverse vaccine claims are.... Mass phycosis.


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There's no way this isn't intentional. I wish the idiots would wake up and simply ask "why?"

It's that simple.

WHY would the make theft essentially legal?

WHY would they choose to not prosecute and release dangerous, violent criminals?

WHY would they allow drug abusers to loiter everywhere and leave their biohazard waste Steen about?

WHY do they seem to not care for the average citizen?

Who does this benefit?

Answering a few simple questions should show ANYONE that this is the plan, not an accidental product of trying to make a utopia.

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I haven't played breathe of the wild, yet. Not sure why, to be honest.

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