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They don't look too pleased to be photographed, either.

They're suspicious, to say the least.

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I guess not. Everything online says he did, but they kept saying when during our townhall.

Dhs didn't even talk to our union yet, but they're still going forward with the shot.

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The nonchalant way they spray the pepper spray is telling. They WANT to hurt the protestors.

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This is Ian Smith that has gone through the gym ordeal in NJ, if I'm not mistaken.

I highly doubt he's lying.

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I hope so. I appreciate the vote of confidence. We both also got laid off last year due to covid, but got better jobs.

Both having to do with government.

No lessons learned, I suppose. Hahaha

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I'm not sure why people can't unslderstand that were against infringement of our rights, and the left are terrified of an easily survivable virus.


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It's because people can't fathom that a government would harm them.

Why? I have no idea. Maybe because their blind hatred for trump, and the media's constant gaslighting about the left has made the dems into idols and false gods.

Now they will ride the ship to the bottom of the ocean.

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Let me know if they don't. My wife is a skilled IT professional, and her company IS requiring it. We will both be unemployed in November.

Life really beating us down, the last two years. Hahaha

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Everyone that ran out and got the shot because Mr communist told them to is going to feel dumb when they walk it back.

The piece of shit hasn't even signed the EO because he knows it will get shredded in court.

Biggest coercion scheme ever.

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This could actually be a game changer. We need to strike while the iron is hot.

We need to start feeding her things to ask.

Where's comirnaty?

Did fauci fund the virus?

Did Fauci's wife approve the Vax for fda approval?

Who decides what can be said on social media?

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Stfu. Anything that red pills is good. This is LITERALLY the biggest red injection into lefties we've ever had.

People here cheering her on isn't "simping", it's celebrating that the leftist machine finally turned on a leftist willing to fight.

Want us to stop talking about Nikki Minaj? Go out and red pill more people, we will talk about you.

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Someone needs to tell her that the current shot isn't even FDA approved.

Watch how fast she gets banned.

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I work in the government, and I'd say that 60% of my coworkers are indecisive, easily led sheep.

10% are straight communists that I literally hear the "real socialism hasn't been tried, yet" line from. This 10% are management, by the way.

Then 30% kinda hate working for the government, but we're hoping to change it. This group ranges from based, to ultra based.

So yeah, if trump came back and disbanded dhs, and fired me, I wouldn't blame him.

But I won't have to worry about that, as they'll be firing me on November 22.for not wanting a foreign substance in my body.


On a side not, Biden announced that today is national constitution observation day.

I'm observing my first amendment right to say FUCK JOE BIDEN.

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Yeah, NOW it's getting weird, Carlos.


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Except they're so dumb and brainwashed that they'll vote EVEN FUCKING MORE "PROGRESSIVE" to "fix" the shit.

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I am glad she's waking up, but I'm even more glad that someone in the "elite" circle is suffering the treatment we've suffered for SIX YEARS.

The more of the pampered Hollywood crowd that feels the wrath of the leftist machine, the faster this shit ends.

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Could not agree more.

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Listened to his interview on Joe Rogan.... Guy is BASED.

Big fan.

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