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Look to Eric swalwell and Adam schiff for the most egregious examples of exactly this.

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That's kinda the point, too, isn't it? They go around putting on a big show about nothing with questionable methods(uhauls? Why?), then get almost instantly arrested for..... Nothing, really.

A good show, right?

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That might be the case, but people here didn't go around accusing them of being feds.

Whether they were or not is beside the point.

In my opinion, the patriot front isn't feds, they're hired actors by the j6 committee and media to act out white militant behavior for the emotional reaction.

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What has patriot front done? They don't even have a message. No one calls the proud boys feds, but they had messaging.

The patriot front shows up LITERALLY the moment the msm and j6 committee need "white supremacy" to point at, and rhen they're gone again, not to be heard from.

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I think this is the truth. Fake something so they can scare the real threat into not doing anything.

If they invalidate trump from running, it's a denial of representation.

I believe a revolution was fought over that.

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Everyone is dooming so hard that they don't realize the seething anger normal, law-abiding citizens like me have resting just beneath the surface.

No, I won't forget and I'm not going to let it go.. These criminals running the show should pray to God that we work this all out with civility, within the current system.

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Nah. His arrest would hinder his election. Patriots won't stand for it, despite how it looks.

There are still civil options to fix this mess, but they're dwindling.

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If they do this, they will get their "insurrection."

That would be a massive mistake. It is the act of removing our representation.

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For real.

Hell yes, the temperature is up. Of course it is! The fact that our government did this and expected everyone to lie down and weep shows their ignorance.

We are firmly in the FA territory, and they're dangerously close to the FO.

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It so ridiculously obvious that he is an agent of China, it could only happen in clown world.


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Help me flesh this out-

No more banks.
Everyone has guns. Anyone on your property can be shot. Safe sales skyrocket.


Where are the flaws?

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Every time I see this idiotic narrative, I chuckle about the very, very white liberals doing this to us.

Derrr, derr, it's all them non-whites!! Nancy Pelosi state of the union clap

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For the last four weeks all my coworkers have been talking about the people they know that have suddenly died in the last few weeks.

One of them has five funerals to attend.

I really hope the depopulation theory is incorrect, but it's not looking good.

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These idiots never realize that their rhetoric is soft racism... Toward the group they're trying to "protect."

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I don't expect it to, I expect the corrupt system to do what they want, especially if it hurts the Trumps.

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Comments like this always make me chuckle.

Hey! Do more, social commentator!

Says the social commentator with less following.

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People forget that 2018 lost us(an admittedly inept) congressional majority.

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We still have a chance, but outcomes are narrowing. Despite the people downvoting you.

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You joke, but I'd bet money they exhume her grave.

They're trying to demoralize and incite a reaction from conservative whom are, rightfully so, pissed off to levels not seen in over a century.

They're going to do anything they can to exempt Trump from running in 2024.

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The last 3 generations... Of children..

I have a perfectly good idea how much most fields have advanced in the last 30 years, as I've lived them.

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