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It's officially a runoff.

Eleição matematicamente definida (Segundo turno)

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Isn't it intriguing how the people's candidate always leads initially, and then it all turns around slowly and steadily? It's almost as if they needed a representative sample to extrapolate exactly how much to cheat by in each dump in order to win by the end.

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The difference is rapidly shrinking. They are going to steal it.

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There. Is. No. Difference. This is 2020 all over again. This shit is not going to cut it this time.

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Then why the fuck did he?

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Oh, so it's illegal to ship invaders out of your country against their will? TIL the Constitution has been replaced by Cuckery.

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– Ukrainians, probably.

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Niggas can't resist a nigga moment.

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It's a classic tactic, and I'm sure it has a name. It works like this:

  1. Watch the minority disseminate truth about a conspiracy.
  2. Get a superminority to say the same, who also say tarded things.
  3. Watch the majority conclude it was a tarded conspiracy theory.
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And then this faggot is gonna backstab him the first chance he gets.

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Hurr durr muh baby formula, I wish there was a way for a species to survive for millions of years without it.

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While I resonate with the sentiment, this explanation is plausible. My point is not that there is 100% no fuckery, but that we have enough evidence of other undeniable fuckery not to need a dubious one circulating.

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Trump should never set foot on Twitter again. That will signal that Truth Social is optional. Truth Social should be the platform.

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