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Hurr durr muh baby formula, I wish there was a way for a species to survive for millions of years without it.

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While I resonate with the sentiment, this explanation is plausible. My point is not that there is 100% no fuckery, but that we have enough evidence of other undeniable fuckery not to need a dubious one circulating.

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Trump should never set foot on Twitter again. That will signal that Truth Social is optional. Truth Social should be the platform.

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Git can be edited retroactively. If they wanted to hide something, they already have.

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Why are we suddenly abandoning any notion of personal responsibility, again? The dad took it. I assume he's an adult. End of story.

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“Every time an App or website asks us to create a new digital identity or to easily log on via a big platform, we have no idea what happens to our data in reality. That is why the Commission will propose a secure European e-identity. One that we trust and that any citizen can use anywhere in Europe to do anything from paying your taxes to renting a bicycle. A technology where we can control ourselves what data is used and how."

She's not lying, just not defining "we."

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The precise moment they always lose their shit is when I offer them my sources.

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Or perhaps you didn't read mine.

How does it help them if their shares are worth less money?

They have other interests that go far beyond the value of their Twitter shares. As far as they're concerned, the value of their investment could tank as long as they maintain control of Twitter, which is to make them wealthy and powerful not through its market value, but via the influence they have on the entire world – countries, companies, people, and narratives – thanks to their control of it. They don't own TWTR to sell it, they own it for the influence.

How does it help elon less?

He cannot purchase controlling interest as easily as he would be sans poison pill. His shares would be immediately diluted by other shareholders purchasing shares at a discount, so he cannot practically purchase ownership beyond a set percentage without fucking his pocketbook. Best he could do is sell off his current position, which yields him no control as is, making it worthless beyond its resale value. The move would undoubtedly fuck Twitter, too, but to them, it's the lesser evil.

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Comes with gratis wooden door.

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It doesn't help them – it just helps Elon less.

There is a reason it's called a poison pill. Think spies who'd rather swallow one and kill themselves than spill their secrets.

Elon has forced them to poison themselves just to prevent him from taking over.

In their book, Elon taking over is infinitely worse than the value of their shares tanking while they maintain control.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the real function of Twitter.

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Buy land. Buy container home. Live debt free. Save money. Invest. Buy house.

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So 'socialism' is just moral capitalism? Count me in.

When people hate capitalism, their issue is never actually with capitalism, but with amorality.

Amorality is not an economic problem, but a cultural one.

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How about you quote the second half of that sentence, too?

[...] but I do love Donald Trump.

If you have to selectively quote him to make a point, your point needs improvement.

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President Trump is the only person I've seen Putin express submissive body language towards.

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Kindly return to the website in your username.

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Pet Peeve Patriot, we finally meet.

Mine is "cheap prices." Prices are low. Cheap is low price. Prices are not cheap, unless you're buying options or something.

Not financial advice. I am not a lawyer, nor a biologist.

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Not just gay, downright faggot.

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Thank you. I love this man.

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What was the context of this beautiful photo?

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