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the jury's verdict has already been decided. The moment Kyle entered that court room, he was seen as the criminal portrayed by the MSM... I hope he's acquitted of all charges but...

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yup WV is BASED

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Yes, but I forgot XD they are democrats anyway...

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What does this 'pandemic' and Covid have in common? That's the problem...

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you know what's funny about this? His birthname is Richard Levine XD so Dick Levine hahaha he chopped his name Dick off too!!

by D0NG
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That 'kindness' was literally what killed him.

by D0NG
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This is one of the reasons I don't give a fuck about being called racist anymore.

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I was talking about the December recounts carried out in Maricopa. Sorry, I forgot, you are right, it was not entirely done by Maricopa county

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What a god damn waste of time and money and hope

Ok, I agree on that, it was a waste of time and money because they've been too ambiguous in the results and we all knew Trump won in Maricopa from the very beginning

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the victory margin for Biden was just around 10,000 votes. 50k illegal ballots is A LOT. 200k ballots is unrealistic in just one county (we are talking about one county, Maricopa county)

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Therefore, what the MSM is saying is completely out of context and they are withholding a lot of information. They are just focusing on one part of the audit!!!!

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Jesus, I may need to make this clear because there are many people spreading misinformation here:

First of all, what the MSM is saying is that the hand recount is not different to those carried out by Maricopa County.

The "hand recount" is NOT the forensic audit, it's just a small part of the whole thing. The hand recount is just counting the votes. In the forensic audit they examined the origin of the ballots, they looked for duplicates, if it was possible that people living in other counties could have voted (they have proved it's extremely likely), and so on...

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according to one single part of the audit, "the hand recount" do you know what a hand recount is? do you know the differences between a hand recount and a forensic audit?

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