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.In the critical state of Florida, The New York Times exit poll shows Biden leading Trump 58%-41%. The 41% for Trump is a historic high Republican performance with Jewish voters. The Republican Jewish Coalition spent over $5 million targeting Jewish voters in Florida on behalf of President Trump.

I'm not sure you know what 41% is, but it's a minority.

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We must protect a leftist idiot

I didn't expect him to 1488 heil hitler, even if he actually believed it but I didn't expect him to go "I support BLM because I'm not racist, if I were not white it'd have been much worse for me, the OK symbol is white supremacist and fuck those guys I drank with, I was set up"

He was definitely 100% innocent, but he does not deserve to be protected further. Let him be with the people he supports.

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Please get Kyle to stop talking, he's cringe as fuck

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70/30 and somehow you think you owned me with that one?

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I am not going to make any general statements about Hindus and Sikh, but a Sikhs found my dad's phone, actually returned it to him. and had to be convinced to take $20 just as a small thank you token. Remember this was a $120 or so phone with a lot of contact details and info

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Congrats on being older than 1 week!

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You need to actually scrutinise the claims to make that response, and crying "muh stormfags" is not scrutiny

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I'm mocking you. I didn't figure I'd need to explain but being you're one of those stormfags criers I should have expected you're quite low IQ

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There's a reason Florida Jews vote for Trump and MAGA

Broofs blz

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First off, conservative jews are a tiny minority at this point

Secondly, this is the same bullshit mentality that simps for blacks when they are 90% Dem, because

muh Candace Owens (a grifter whose first claim to fame was making a website to dox conversatives)

muh Thomas, muh Ben Carson, while being legitimately cool, as if they're not a tiny minority

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May I suggest you visit a site called patriots.win sometime

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Oh fuck off people are doing exactly that right on this website.

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To those saying no:

Did you ever go to a site called patriots.win ?

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First off, not everyone in the US was a pilgrim, you forgot the, you know, colonists. Who only split from England because of reasons of the way the colonies were treated, and at no point did they reject European culture, except the monarchy.

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If you oppose the mainstream narrative you're an NPC

Big thonk

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Cause distrust of police authority

This is entirely warranted though.

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Absolutely true. Europe is having the exact same problem of having forgotten its roots.

Go on?

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Even people here get triggered when we talk about preserving European culture, which, btw, is what American culture is based on even if you little snowflakes wanna be triggered about it

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Masculinity is devalued. Men were rewarded in the past, now they're punished. Why should one sacrifice themselves for a society that hates their masculinity?

So men do not strive to become masculine, and those that are, just use it to fuck women without strings attached.

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