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Need to do a lot more than “oust” them but I don’t want to be banned so I’ll just stop there.

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They’ve also been have “cross-brand” promos with woke small businesses.

Evan Hafer (BRCC) is NOT AN ALLY.

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Those who are against God and truth do not matter to me.

"Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." -- The Rules of Based Jesus

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Also run by Evan Hafer, an Ashkenazi who likes to compare patriots not joining him in throwing Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus to Nazi SS and then hide behind "muh anti-semitism" when told he's a piece of shit for doing so. He should join the ADL with an MO like that.

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We can not coexist with communists….not anymore.

We never could. That we could was part of the lie. They tell you that you can co-exist so that you allow that evil ideology and its adherents into your system to begin infiltrating and turning your own population over time.

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Rand and a lot of others believe(d) preserving the continued functioning of the system outweighs preserving its integrity.

I disagree.

The system's integrity is the precisely the only reason anyone not scared of the jackboots follows it willingly.

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Good luck. They've got more money and will always have more money. Even if you think they'd run out of oil on Earth, they will have space crews collecting oil from Titan (Saturn's moon).

This is the main reason why we can't get anywhere: the things that would truly get us off oil (not feelgood shit that will never work like wind and biofuels), would also result in massive decentralization of much energy infrastructure just due to their nature. Even if you did something like fusion, a working reactor would be mere decades or even only years away from miniaturization until it can fit on a flatbed truck and be set up anywhere.

Decentralization is the polar opposite of being in the interests of people who derive their riches from sitting atop society skimming like parasites. They're not going to move on to any alternative until they've figured out how to get a lock on the next step in technology.

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I have recently been told repeatedly, including on this site, that it's anti-semitic to point out that media appears to be intentionally colluding by using an official narrative in order to push a joint goal.

They must be getting really desperate, they're reaching to the bottom of their propaganda toolbag.

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What makes is sadder is it's such a nice location, such a nice climate, and could be a genuinely nice city were it not in the hands of imbeciles. I've thoroughly enjoyed the area every time I've been there on a business trip in past years.

I don't know why the scum of the earth has to take over every nice place there is and then shit it up with their stupidity.

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Solzhenitsyn commented something along the lines of the fact that we're so unaware of what took place shows the perpetrators and their allies are the ones in control of the flow of information in the free world as well.

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I love how around the same time we start making a ton of cracks about Barron's insane growth, GEOTUS started up as well.

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Be prepared for the FBI to come down like a ton of bricks. They only prosecute the opposition.

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I find it fascinating the lack of awareness of the right at times.

Not lack of awareness, lack of motivation. Everyone is apathetic or indifferent and only gets riled up enough to shitpost on the internet and then let it go.

Need a leader willing to stand up to this shit.

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Soy armies are the easiest to eliminate after they put you in power.

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Msm is the cancer.

By design. When the Soviets were trying to export revolution back in the 1920s they quickly realized if you can subvert the press and subvert the education system, you don't even need a revolution. You just wait for a generation or two and you'll have an army in the target country.

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I am so glad the lionizing of the FBI that took place on the right after 9/11 is finally crumbling. The FBI has been a corrupt, harmful organization that openly engages in political behavior and intimidation that is WAY outside the scope of its authority since the day it was founded. They're also barely competent at actual law enforcement tasks, with most terror plots they foil having also been hatched by them and riddled with their own undercovers.

Even in the 1930s, with their huge budget, manpower, resources, and national jurisdiction they couldn't bring down Bonnie & Clyde. Texas brought a pair of old Rangers out of retirement, gave them a shoestring budget, and they were even stonewalled by the FBI and had to operate largely on their own. Yet they were the ones that brought the duo down. FBI was probably too busy collecting dirt on political opponents.

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Left - tyranny. Right - Individual Liberty

There is zero consensus among anyone in political science with that simplistic and one-dimensional take.

Authoritarian right and libertarian right both agree on a very large number of things but are vastly different in application and whether or not government has the right to impose adherence to their principles. The Nazis were on the right but at the absolute top of the authoritarian scale. The US for most of its history until the past 80-90 years has also been on the right but very much into libertarian territory.

Communists, being authoritarian leftists, have been openly "assisting" us in our schools, media, and government in gradually moving ever-further toward both the left, and into more authoritarian scale, while also backing the libertarian left to promote progressively more morally degenerate behavior in order to break down society and make it more malleable. They openly admitted as much last century, and Yuri Bezmenov went into more detail.

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The Nazis were leftists.

No, they were not. I love Dinesh D'Souza most of the time, but his popularizing that ahistorical take betrays a complete and total lack of understanding of the era.

Read their party platform and what they did. They were every bit as authoritarian as communists, but there was precious little that could be considered leftist. The most "leftist" thing they did was live up to the socialist moniker in the 1930s by engaging in massive reinvestment into the state and engaging in strict economic and trade controls to keep the international banking system from skimming a profit. Winston Churchill himself cited that repeatedly as one of the primary "problems" with Germany.

They were nationalist socialists versus internationalist socialists. They were also hyper-conservative on most social issues and had zero in common with leftist positions that were at the time pushing multiple genders, normalizing homosexuality, legitimizing pedophilia, etc.

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Let's be accurate: if the FBI were the Gestapo they'd be kicking down the doors of communists and hauling them off in the middle of the night. The one thing they would never do is back them.

FBI are the Stasi, or KGB, or more recently FSB.

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Is it just me, or did POTUS really slim down since the coup de'tat? He looks good. Way better than that illegitimate communist.

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Open it then. This shit is broken and I'd rather we settle it by Con-Con than by bullets.

If our populace really is so far gone that a Con-Con results in tearing it up and replacing it with communism, well, we were going to get there anyway. At that point it's time to impose consensus or surrender for all time.

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They probably decided to make a play to make an example of The Trump Nazis and get intimidation going by beating Rittenhouse to a pulp, then turning around and saying, "See, your rifle can't protect you. Surrender without a fight."

Then Kyle called their bluff and shot them.

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