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I'm fine with this IF the rest of Minnesota can make it illegal for any Minneapolis citizens to ever move out of the city who voted yes.

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No MAGA gear. No Gadsden flag. Not even a US flag. Not a single sign of being remotely right-wing other than being in shape.

Pedes, if you attend a rally and suspect someone of being a fed, get them to empty their pockets. They'll be carrying a gun and/or handcuffs in a public event.

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You don't even have to go that far. Make it illegal to rent or hire illegal immigrants and provide financial rewards for any tips that result in finding companies or landlords violating the law.

Every renter and employee should have to provide proof of being a US citizen. Don't accept licenses from states that give it to illegals. Require a social security card.

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So basically AOC used the event and her position to provide financial assistance to a friend.

It's amazing how our socialist politicians are the most self-centered, selfish people.

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Leftists weighing 300 lbs, injecting street drugs, who have never used protection for sexual encounters: you're killing me!

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No. Copyright infringement requires producing a profit or negatively affecting the brand.

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If your kid is that retarded, they shouldn't be in a science class.

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Lol this isn't common core. This is clearly a teacher-written problem making fun of the topic.

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It's called a joke. This type of science question isn't given to kindergarteners. Jesus lol.

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This is clearly a fucking joke to make kids laugh. These type of science questions are asked to upper elementary, middle school and high school kids. The joke even clearly points out microwaving animals doesn't give them strength. Get over yourselves.

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Obama and Biden will never be indicted for anything. At best Biden can be impeached.

Clinton and the others are far more expendable.

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Certain polls have him in the 30s. This is just 1 poll.

Keep in mind certain outlets like WaPo have refused to poll Biden's approval ratings since June and July; they're hiding the fact Biden is the least popular incoming "president" (fraud) in history.

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Refuse to leave.

It's VERY expensive to forcibly remove someone from a property, especially if they haven't defaulted on rent. Even in red states it can take a minimum of 30 days. Make the landlord spend tens of thousands in a lawsuit.

You didn't sign a contract with any such requirements. Refuse. To. Leave.

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If the Right can't even accept DeSantis as an ally, we're fucked. No politician is perfect - not even Trump. But DeSantis is a genuine force for good in Florida compared to ALL of the alternatives.

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No way in hell the voting populace is +10 Dem. That poll statistic is 12+ years out of date (2008). Most people nowadays identify as independent. Gallup showed earlier this year Democrats are only +2/+3.

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We should have resorted to violence as soon as it was obvious they were stealing our fucking elections.

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One of the state senators is being charged for inciting a riot, I believe. The dumbass Democrats are enemies of this country; we need a war.

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