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Tell him to look on the side of the box.

He may see something along the lines of "this product does not protect against viruses".

Which might be an instant redpill.

(random question: does an N95 mask protect against viruses?)

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Just tell us the #Truth

People have been telling you the truth for nearly two years, lady.

You weren't listening. Perhaps now your eyes have been opened.

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Me: "The only way I'll get the vax is if you have sex with me."

Her: "Fine by me. Get the shot and we'll party."

Me: "Nope. Sex first."

Her: "Sheesh. Okay, fine. But you gotta promise."

Me: "Promise."


Her: "Okay, let's go get you that vax."

Me: "Nope. Buh-bye."


Me: "Tough noogies. Toodles."

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The GOP already had their shot. The voters gave them the Presidency, AND BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS.

And they accomplished nothing. They couldn't even get rid of obamacare.

They are useless and worthless.

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Yeah, there's no way to verify these numbers. There's no test. There's no way to take a blood or tissue sample and figure out which letter in the alphabet soup any given person is.

A number of the people surveyed are probably lying about their actual orientation, for whatever reason.

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HR department: "we need to reduce headcount, lets fire a bunch of people"

Boss: "we cant fire somebody without cause"

Executive: "lets make a public announcement that the people we fired all said 'lets go brandon' in emails"

Boss: "but they didnt say that in emails"

Executive: "whos going to investigate to find out if they did.....?"

Boss: "you get a raise"

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Translation: Delta tried to mandate the death jab, saw a lot of red ink appear on their bottom line, and flip-flopped.

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Toldja so, mother fucker.

I was saying this as soon as the lincoln project reared its ugly head, right after Trump won. That the democrats would happily stab the never-Trumpers in the back whenever it was convenient.

Kinzlinger got what he fucking deserved. My only worry is that other Republicans won't learn from this.

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Spread the news far and wide: that there are companies out there that Will Not Comply.

No need to give locations or personals, no need to alert the SJW's as to the locations of these places. Just let fellow pedes know, and they will find those places in their job hunts.

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All twelve jurors: immediately leap out of their chairs and go "Wait, Kyle shot criminals???"

Prosecutors: "Oops. We just fucked up bad."

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I pursued my passions in life, and attained several of them, WHILE working a "grueling" 40 hours a week.

Stop being a wuss, lady.

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That actually doesn't bother me too much.

The thing that bothers me is that Pfizer is not being up front with us about the list of ingredients.

And leaked internal documents prove WHY Pfizer is doing this. They're trying to avoid scaring people away from taking the vaccine. Which leaves me wondering: if the vaccine doesn't work at all, would they try to hide THAT?? Almost certainly.

The obvious conclusion from this, is that the pharma companies don't even care if it works. Inject shots, get money.

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The movie or TV show ends. You find yourself back in the real world. Where the town around you is NOT multicultural, most people around you look and think like you, there are next to no gays or trannies, and there are NO strong female characters, because in the real world men are naturally stronger than women.

This is your world. The only escape from it is death.

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And, what's the best way to catch the virus..........?

Possibly through contact with the UNVACCINATED.

Clown World.

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Her mental capacity was sharp enough for her to be aware of what would happen if she retired while Trump was President........

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And, our top story for today, Pfizer employee Vanessa Gelman testified that, not only does their vaccine use fetal cells, but that Pfizer is hiding a great deal of other damning information about the clot shot from the public.

"uhh, Veers, she didnt say a word, she just ran away"


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Yeah, and after all the fake news I've seen in the last five years, I believe not one word of Couric's bullshit.

I say RBG understood the question perfectly, and her answer was 100% lucid.

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This is basically an advertisement for everybody else EXCEPT John Lewis insurance.

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Yeah, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

And RBG's clock has, indeed, truly and definitely, stopped.

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"youre deplorable and racist and a nazi and sexist and you hate poor people and youre despicable"

"take the vax pretty please people are dying we need you were desperate to get back to normal"

"They're the same picture."

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