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Don't need people to believe opinions. Opinions are merely stated. Treating someone like a Heretic requires Banishment from Society capabilities. Eye for an Eye said the Lord. Treat strangers like Heretics, and God will cast you from his Kingdom~ Bet.

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Yea, man. Those imaginary votes don't count either.

That's why Biden is YOUR president.

And not mine~

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I meant that gay shit faggots do on Reddit.

Shadow banning. Censorship.

600,000 Trump Supporters on The_Donald is actually 6 million.

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Yea, no, dude.

Remember it was 600,000 Trump Supporters on Reddit? But that was 6 million?

Once again, they promise its 81 million votes.

I'd guess 150+ million, or in that ballpark range.

Dominion deletes votes while simultaneously adding votes. And stops counting once it feels Biden "won".

Bonus Round! How about all those bets placed on the 2020 Election? Who won the money? The one who legitamtely won? Or the one who they're pretending is a winner while trying to keep the lid from blowing through the roof from all that pressure?

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What about the drugs they feed you without telling you?

Reported drugs in the water supply. Reported drugs in Mainstream food.

Reported Chemical Trails - Drugs in the air.

You can't have an accurate theosis if your enviroment is out of control and impure~

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The problem with today,

is the Law is stupid and let themself be led by Chaos. "Be afraid, Lawman! Or your boss will be angry and reprimand you."

Yea, mean. Law and Order, and Heaven, are led by FEAR. Not loyalty to the Good of All. Nope! Even God "dominates" people with FEAR.

It's not like, all these moron's fell for the Devil's tricks. NOPE! Loyalty never was corrupt.

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Actually, during Obama's Presidency, they reported that Biden was mollesting the Secret Service member's wives during a Christmas Party and the Secret Service had to hold each other back.

I don't think their communication traffic is that.....Clean. :/

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You earn your forgiveness from God.

If you have a bad past, kharma will come, and you will pay for it.

Then you will be given a choice once more - to continue being a sinner and staying trapped forever, or choose to break free.

That's my take on it*

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FBI is being a phony.

"Hate Crime"

Then what's a Love Crime, Mr. All Knowing FBI?

And why do you have to label Hate in front of a crime when every fuckin' crime has hate in it? Those were peaceful murders for the past 500+ years. Only now, with this phony shit, Hate has surfaced in society.

Stop pretending to be a phony, and maybe the Public will start beginning to respect you again. But it's a long road to regain trust so, eh. It's fucked either or if ya ask me~

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"You gotta start somewhere"

Tell that to the kids people gotta feed lol

"Wait 4 years and we'll feed your belly."

If that don't sound like a scam and a half.

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You know what's the worst part?

Ever hold a baby?

They smell like absolute shit. Puke. Stale breast milk.


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Don't forget the trick.

Because we're on the Dollar Standard, and not the Gold Standard.

Every dollar they print to give to an illegal, is devalueing the dollar you earned that is in your pocket.

They don't take directly from you. This is why Ron Paul said - End The Fed.

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Technical Term -

Crocodile Tears.

The trick women do when they get pulled over to avoid a ticket.


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The only truth that came out of the crooks and criminals -

No honour amongst thieves; no loyalty amongst thieves.

Then they say "Don't you just wanna join us?"

Nah, dawg. Nah.

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Knock, knock.

The Creator wants his Kharmic Tole.

And the Devil is screaming for company down there.

Well, it's not company he's screaming for, but you know. :)

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You mean the Terrorists didn't stop being terrorists out of the goodness of their hearts(they have none)?

And they continue to be terrorists because not enough people are challenging them?

What if we do nothing...And wait a week or month. Maybe the terrorists will stop then. Or maybe the people will be traumatized enough where even the memory of the terrorist will make them forget.

What about the Supreme Court? They still burning the U.S. Constitution as if they ran out of toilet paper? They still doing that? Or did we wait long enough?


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Our country has become 2x sides intermingled with one another.

One side used to worship control, order, staying in line. The other side, used to worship no control, just "do what you feel like" an act like a goddamn animal. Chasing ass like a dog. Swinging like a monkey. Swilling booze until all inhibition is lost.

And now, the 2x sides are confused. They want order in this, chaos in that.

I mean, when you picture the Average Shitty Leader - it's a dumbass that loses control to anger. "So don't anger him!" Order cannot be led by Chaos. No Order in Chaos. It's Chaos for fuck's sake.

But then again, to me, this is Common Sense~

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How does the math work?

Break the families apart. First, poison the woman to be tempted to divorce. And poison the man, to be tempted to resort to anger and violence for every solution.

So the family is broken. The woman can't handle being alone, starts banging a stranger who doesn't care about the kid - kid gets hurt as a result. Gets PTSD or some other damaging sickness.

Now, the retarded sick person is trying to piece together his reality by himself, with no father.

And failing miserably.

The result. People like this in this picture.

I am not surprised~

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They can't even control their own anger outbursts.

They're beasts just like the rest of the animal kingdom.

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How they even gonna prove you're illegal anyway?

An illegal is just a human being that claims they have no legal documentation in this nation, and pretends to not speak English at all, strictly speaking a foreign language.

Derp, dee, derrrr.

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It actually used to be a Law.

Think it, was Mayan or somethin'? Aztec?

Where the Leader, if they made a mistake, that held responsibility over others lives and if it cost those lives, the Leader would be punished for the lives they cost.

In Modern Times, the Leader is the biggest coward that tries to avoid the responsibility of the weight. But, not all~

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That's the old world mentality of....

"Breaking People." "Dominating People." "Keeping people in check"(Constant State of Fear)

Technical Term is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's a sickness that develops when your stress overloads from being exposed for too long in a High Stress enviroment without proper nourishment.

So the end result? Heart problems. Too much stress. PTSD comes with amnesia side effect, when they recollect the traumatic memories that triggered the sickness to begin with.

I had it for 10+ years. From a step-dad writing on walls in blood, to constantly harassing me. I cured it by smoking medicinal marijuana during prohibition era, and by constantly remembering the trauma. It hurt like Hell, but I'm cured. Never went to a doctor for it~

Edit: Though, I lost about 10-20+ years of my life from the Suicide Attempts because they kept trying to say "you're addicted to medicinal marijuana! Stop taking medicine!" And you know the rules - if you conquer something horrific, warn others, so they don't follow the same fate.

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That's the kharma when only words were involved.

But when you harass someone for years, hurt people's children,

people want blood and that's VERY HARD to stop.

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Or what about how it was legal, for AIDs infected people to spit into people's mouths in court rooms.

Don't we just love our Public Systems?


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