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Don't forget incest. Fuckin' your dead brother's wife and daughter.

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But that's exactly what it is.

Why do you think the phony cops are walking the street?

Why you think the Feds are all over here?

They're WAITING for us to make the first move so they can jump on us. With the false public rouse of "Justice".

Why you think they're glowies? "Make the first move. We won't tell you, we're right above you, waiting for you!" That's why for 5+ years straight, nothing but trying to push the White American People's buttons. Burning Bibles? Unjust Courtrooms?

So the answer isn't retaliation. Then what is the answer?

Gravity, bitches. What goes up, comes down. Kharma comes for all. If you set the place on fire, eventually, your ass will burn too.

It's coming. When and How - Only God knows.

That's my take~

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This is why History is never written by the winners. That's a fuckin' LIE.

A liar wrote a book and to these dumbasses, that means, they changed the entire course of History.

But if you have an average brain, you can see the cookie crumb trail of truth. You can see who's the liar and who was telling the truth the entire time~

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Hey, that's not a joke.

Could be a Fed there looking to kidnap a kid for the Pedo Elite's Satanic Rituals.

Monsters are, sadly, real.


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Sick of this N word shit.

Eye for an Eye, arrest and get even with some criminals already.

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Forget that -

The News is reporting


They're causing a PUBLIC FUCKIN' PANIC. They're literally yelling BOMB every day.

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My favourite part is how serious Biden pretends to look in that Side-By-Side Video of him talking, and how phony that attitude comes off ass.



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Like seriously,

all of you do it on Auto Pilot every day.

When you drive or walk by, and hear that crackhead homeless guy talk absolute non-sense,

you roll the windows up.

Some pink haired, dildo wearing liberal comes up to you, you're all fuckin' ears. Or a smiling black man reaching into your pockets.

How do you fall for this? Still not trusting the feeling inside because it hurts? Shouldn't of let it got to that point then. :p

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There's a list of "special classes" that are exempt from the vaccine.

One that sticks in my head, any Muslim immigrant coming in, is exempt, and they're mandated Ivymertin.

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I avoid anger.

Saw too many retards give in to anger and throw controllers when I was a kid. With that smug attitude "I'll buy ya a new one!" Yea, because you were going to get in the car, drive 30+ minutes, and buy a new one right now.

Or someone get angry behind the wheel and crash the car.

I really try to avoid anger, because of how stupid people were when they lost control of their emotions.

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Eye for an Eye sayeth the Lord.

Get in people's business with no authenticity, then the LORD will get in YOUR business, with no authenticity.

People really suck at understanding at how this works~

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What did she expect?

"Oh man, lemme suck your dick in 2021 because this is the first time I encountered a bullshitter."

They don't care anymore~

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What about the Cancer of the Single Mom epidemic?

"Someone has to help me raise someone else's children!"


Fuck this train wreck in making. Do it right from the beginning, and you don't have problems in the future~

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Now you notice?

Don't say the N word or they'll find your job and get you fired for


There's Tyrants everywhere. You either say Fuck You to all, My Freedom Matters, or you start suckin' cock.

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Legalize Segregation then.

People are already segregating illegally, while looking and acting retarded.

End Result? Lambs to the Slaughter neighorhoods.

Legalize segragation. Have white only cities that will never be tainted. And black only cities where they can do whatever they do~

Hell, even the Jews might stop lying and admit they're white again and join us. "Might".

And for added bonus, criminalize racist accusations. "Hate" Crime or any word in front of a crime, is a fuckin' phony. Murder, Rape, Theft, Descrimination ain't already agreed upon crimes that deteriate a society into nothing?

Stop the phony business.

Double bonus round! Criminalize the escalation of violence. Eye for an eye, back to basics, bitches. Who was the first to raise the stakes and risk the lives? Who lost control?

My take~

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Gotta seperate the good from the bad.

Do we want Freedom of Speech? The right to Bear Arms?

Or fear of what we say from [Violent] Consequences[Of Attempted Mob Rule]?

Words for Words. Violence for Violence. The escalation of violence is a source of guilt, not an excuse. Who was the first to attempt to draw blood?

My take~

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You never did anything when the Swamp put people in Gunatamao Bay.

Just assumed what the Fake News said - Has to be true that it's a terrorist. The Fake News wouldn't lie right?

And they turned their guns on you - locked people up without Court of Law. But the Feds were installed, not voted in - they answer to no Law.

Realistically, it's the Chaeteu Diff from Monte Cristo - if you were actually guilty, they coulda thrown you into any prison. But no, the Diff is for the Innocence they wanna bury. They know you're innocent~

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So the Corona Virus test is like a Polygraph Test?

Or that Scientology "Truth Telling" Machine?

Probably the same company makes all 3.


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Modern technology is always so beautiful.

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I was thinking it was Innocent Americans, but what American would be dumb enough to be in Haiti after finding out the Elite assassinated their President 2 months back?

But yea, probable guilt.

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And don't forget, your job has to have at least one black person to prove your job isn't racist.

And don't you dare speak up anything that can offend that black person. Did you mention a Primate you saw on Discovery Channel? Keep your mouth shut!

Can we legalize segregation and criminalize racist accusations already?

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It's sin bait.

Society is crooked, give up on a Life,

so become a Joker and burn it all!

Fuck off back to Hell, faggot.

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The crooked Feds will come to people's houses until we Abolish the entire Fed once and for all?

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The nation was stolen ever since the Federal Reserve was installed.

Every time they print money for their phony budget, they slice the value of the American Worker in half.

They don't take the money directly out of your pockets, but they lower it's value by making copies of it.

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