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Well, we are talking about Terabytes of information to sort through. How quickly do you suppose that would take trained professionals?

I know you're a troll. But you are also a product of microwave TV-dinner culture, and expect your tendies to be ready in 30 seconds or less. Real life doesn't work that way.

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Nothing. The military doesn't count, since it is not technically part of the government, by design. (nevermind the horrifying recent developments...)

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He feels the exact same way about you and me. He knows what he is doing. This is an existential struggle. Loser goes to the gulag and gets hanged for treason.

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Except Righteous Indignation is real, it's just been bastardized by the marxists.

Becoming violent and destroying true evil-- such as those who want to murder the unborn, rape young children, and enslave the weak-- is where the term "noble man" ('nobility') came from when describing the strong men who stood up across Europe and protected their neighbors from the wicked, after the fall of Rome.

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The government sucks at roads, too, tbh.

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August 12 is when he is presenting all of the data LIVE. He has 70 teams of cyber security experts who will present, and tasked with disproving that the forensic data that has been recovered from the Dominion machines in Maricopa County is authentic. (Can all be done by deciphering the source code. They can determine when the data was originally created, where it was created, who has accessed it, and when.) Any team that successfully disproves Lindell's claims gets $5M of his money, so it's a competition that will be livestreamed over a 72-hour period, under scrutiny.

Lindell is literally doing what we have always demanded whistleblowers do: He is presenting the data on a livestream, in real time, at a major event that will be attended by 250+ politicians, alternative media outlets, etc. And he is paying for the entire event out of pocket, so this isn't a grift. Sounds like he has already sunk millions into putting it on, and is not expecting to break even.

He could obviously do the event tomorrow, or yesterday, but if nobody watches the livestream then it is a wasted effort. That is why it is being hyped. All people have to do is watch.

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They posted a hype up video (MAGA footage set to “We’re not gonna take it”) a few days prior and have been dark ever since. Gave warnings from the beginning that they would be going dark, and that when they did it meant their op was in motion. (Not posting hoping, merely paraphrasing their message) Used the metaphor of a submarine being rigged to run red (silent) before sneaking up and striking the enemy. Used that metaphor a lot, in many applications. Broadened that metaphor to include Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt For Red October” and quoted Ben Affleck/Sean Connery’s characters about intentionally turning the sub into the path of the torpedo so it struck before it could arm itself. (“Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.”)

The implication being (in hindsight) that the game was rigged for us to lose. (Obviously) What I mean is that we were never going to be able to defeat the Marxists in the Information War, because they had it rigged against in every way possible. Even wheeling out all of the evidence and showing it to the public would not work. Telling them about it would not work. They would simply be tricked by the marxist, again. Meaning you would have to show the people what the marxists had planned, by allowing them to cheat their way back in, force their hand, and expose them after the fact with the smoking gun evidence. (To a grateful and humbled public, that will be more vigilant and less apathetic.) This does not mean Q knew COVID was coming or played a hand in it. All they did was force the enemy’s hand, to do something they were already planning on doing, but with a slow boil over a longer timetable.

In my personal experience, the people who have suddenly developed interests in local government recently and are trying to organize are often people who followed Q. (May or may not still subscribe to it, if they ever did.) The Patriots sitting in Biden’s gulag right now are there because they were NOT complacent, contrary to the LARP theory. That is also the case with many who are trying to organize locally across the country.

Nobody is waiting around for Q to come save us. He even instructed us to get off our asses and FIGHT, and that was 3-1/2 years ago. Taking the federal government back isn’t enough. We have to reclaim the local and state governments. Likewise, all of this local organization will be for nothing if Biden allows the UN to help crush the pockets of domestic terrorism forming around the country. So yeah, you’re damn right I’m praying for a Q-like plan to unveil itself and save our sweet sorry asses, because otherwise we are up shit creek and in a hardcore guerrilla war. (In the meantime, we will continue organizing and engaging locally, as if the world isn’t about to stop spinning.)

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The Founding Fathers all warned us that this time would come.

It’s time to kill the Federal Government and start over.

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What I want to know is, who is this Dennis Wagner, and what does the Early Life section of his Wikipedia say about him being an Askenazi Jew?

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Get the names of the doctors and report them to the medical review board. Demand documentation to back up their claims. Threaten them with malpractice lawsuits. Do whatever you can to scare the crap out of them, because they are doing this for a reason.

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Overprivileged white women have single handily destroyed western civilization. They invented abortion, Prohibition, and OnlyFans.

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The Clintons should make these guys kill themselves for overselling it.

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Here in Virginia, we have a convicted pedophile serving as a lawmaker in the General Assembly. His name is Joe Morrissey, and yes, he is a Democrat.

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Yeah, read deeper into this and you’ll see his criticism of Zuck is that he isn’t censoring conservatives enough. He blames Zuck for the rise of Trump and MAGA. Ken Burns is overrated as fuck. Guy seems like a retard, tbh.

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Militia won the first American Revolution. Change my mind.

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Print out the Nuremberg Codes and give them to your CO. Tell him this order is a violation of the Codes, and you cannot provide informed consent without first seeing tangible data.

Y’all need to group together and file a class action lawsuit against the federal government for mandating this bullshit. Between the Nuremberg Codes and this new UCLA study that proves the virus came from a Chinese military biolab, your lawyers would have a field day with the faggots running the military right now.

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The Khazarian Mafia.

This guy knows his stuff.

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Let’s join forces with the vets. Everybody knows the higher-ups aren’t respected by the enlisted. Hell, most of them don’t even know how to field strip a weapon, let alone fire one. They all came out of the Ivy League, where they were fondled and groped by crusty old men, and appointed to leadership positions they had not earned, where they were also fondled and groped by crusty old men.

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Seems like convenient misinformation to me. The fact that Paddock was not further scrutinized like every other mass shooter is very telling. He was a gun-runner for the CIA. The theory of him being a patsy is far more plausible than the idea that he harbored a desire to shoot up a large concert.

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This is such a tired excuse.

90% of the Patriots who showed up on January 6 were Q supporters. They were all ready to take action, right then and there, and it was Q who inspired them to organize and drive cross-country to be there. Yet you sit here and blame an internet LARP for all of your problems.

It was Q who warned us to stop worshipping faggots in the GOP and news media. People forget that.

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succumbed to jab wokeness

You realize that the principle of Devolution is based on the theory that if the Commander-in-Chief is compromised, then so are the Joint Chiefs? In Devolution, the military brass doesn’t take control of the country; Quite the opposite, in fact. The whole point is to decentralize control, so that the bad actors cannot consolidate their power. If done properly, I would imagine that the Joint Chiefs wouldn’t even know Devolution was underway. (Remember Chris Miller reassigned all branches of Special Forces under his direct command, effectively making them their own branch of the military.)

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Go read up on Horseshoe Theory and things will begin to make more sense.

The normies aren’t going to participate in shit. (They didn’t in 1776, and they won’t this time, either.) The Marxists are obviously our enemy, but there are a lot of vocal leftists who have converted and are now on our side.

(((They))) want us divided for a reason. Because they fear the Horseshoe.

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Historyfag here. This is 100% true. I too was skeptical when I first read about this, which led me to dig deep to verify.

If you are interested, start by looking into the investor group behind the West India Trading Company. (Dutch company that started the Atlantic Slave Trade.) Yes, there were European-based Jews.

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