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It’s purportedly a video of Hillary and Huma slicing off an 8-year old girl’s face and then wears it like a mask dancing around and cackling like a psycho while the girl screams in terror.

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This guy understands faggots

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Fuck the American Elites. Tar and feather them all.

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It would be amazing if everybody shown here would die.

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They use such events (orgies, drug-fueled sex parties, child sex slaves) to compromise unwilling political rivals. That was the entire purpose of Jeffery Epstein's existence. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that somebody like Madison Cawthorn would be targeted for invitation to such events. In all likelihood, they didn't say "Come to our orgy!" but Madison was able to piece together the truth and read between the lines.

I grew up around these types of people (elites). I understand how they think and act. The assertion by Madison that they were casually doing cocaine in front of him absolutely aligns with every experience I've had with such types. It would not be unusual at all for an 'elite' in business attire to go to a bathroom stall at a fancy restaurant or party and do key-bumps of cocaine, and casually pass the bag off to his friends in adjacent stalls. I've seen it done, myself.

When you view yourself as untouchable, you take liberties like this without second thought. Because the rules don't apply to them, and they relish in the privilege.

You're being extremely naive to think that these things don't occur. They probably never expected Madison to go public with the information, because even if he wanted to, no newspaper would print such accusations without names or concrete evidence. (Madison made the accusations on a podcast.) Besides, the elites knew that they could easily destroy Cawthorn, which they have. And if he now begins to name names, he will be sued into poverty with defamation lawsuits.

If it is 'logic' that you value, then ask yourself why Madison would fabricate such a claim? If he were to fabricate it, why not take it further than he did? What he claimed was extremely feasible. Not only do these sex parties happen in DC, but they happen all over Virginia-- where I live-- including in my hometown.

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As long as the American Fighting Spirit remains alive and well, the globalists' lives will always be in danger.

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I travel all the time. There are ways around the system, including private aviation.

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Once you break the seal, there is no going back. We've kept the powder dry this long for a reason. Do not mistaken our inaction for weakness.

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Christopher Smart is actually Fucking Stupid.

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She has such a horrifying face. Her expressions make my soul hurt.

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Black fragility is real. They are so fucking sensitive about their fee-fees.

by DCSucks
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" We are NOT a satanic cult of pedophiles!!!"

-Susana Guthrie shrilled, as she flashed her fangs and revealed her reptilian eyes.

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