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White liberal women are the cancer that will eradicate humanity.

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Let me assure you that almost nobody is detained until trial. In the eyes of the court, everybody is innocent until proven guilty, and unless the prosecutor can demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt that the accused is either a flight risk or a danger to public, they will be released.

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It's called ZERO CASH bail. Meaning that there is no bail to post in order to get out on bond until trial. Under the premise of equity. Complete opposite of what you are describing.

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Trump succeeded in getting Susannah Guthrie to call them all “Satanic Pedophiles” on national television.

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Didn’t appear to be intimidation. If that were the case, then the war-mongerers would be able to subdue him. Seemed like Un was genuinely relieved to not be negotiating with psychopaths.

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But seriously, where do we enlist for the right-wing death squads that MSNBC and CNN promised Trump was forming?

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...for modeling the PROVOCATIVE shirt.

So they admit that valuing white lives is provocative. We should give them more booster shots to take.

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If I were Saudi Arabia, I’d hate Biden too. Trump negotiated peace in the Middle East.

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Trump proved that Rocket Man can be reasoned with. If he hates the American federal government, then we all have something in common with him. Sounds like a reasonable guy.

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Everybody on Reddit is either a seething marxist who lives in a shoebox in some shithole American city, or some seething foreigner who lives in a shoebox in some foreign city.

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