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GEOTUS has to stop with this shit. DeSentis isn't a threat and attacking each other only emboldens the Commie Dems.

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Yeah, I agree - out here in LA you will see a large portion of Asians wearing masks. I'm sure most a Dems, but still this mask shit really resonates with them (and it definitely predates COVID).

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Who gives a shit at this point?? The entire media will run with this narrative whether we do anything or not.

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The Dems going forward with this means that they don't fear in the slightest losing the 2024 election. If you guys think we can vote our way out of this mess, you're fucked in the head. Every right, every freedom, every reason for striving to get ahead will be stripped after the next rigged election.

We are standing on the edge of the abyss.

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J6 was a massive success for the Globalist elite - now we are too afraid to do anything to stop them from fully transforming this country into a tyrannical Communist dystopia.

We are faggots of the highest order.

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Sounds like you're too scared to take a stand. It's OK, though, others will fight this revolution while you cower before the Commies.

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Posobiec suggests we cause bank runs as protest - hit these corrupt Globalist fuckers where it hurts: their wallets.

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It's possible.

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LOL, wut? You clearly don't know what ADHD is.

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OP is a moron - Breitbart isn't "in on it". Fucking idiot.

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Well, he's not being charged with a serious crime - he'd post bail and then wait for a trial, which will take time. This is all about ruining his chances at securing the Republican nomination next year - bogging him down with legal fees and trial prep, preventing him from raising money on the campaign trail, and starting up the "Trump is a sex fiend" media onslaught again.

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Yes, I am sure you're right - but I want to know what we, as a community of Trump supporters, are going to do? Why are there no calls for national protests yet?

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I think some of this stuff gets over-exaggerated - not all Irish in America experienced that.

I'm descended from some mid-19th century Irish immigrants in the NYC and Boston areas and (as far as I know from records and family oral history) none of them were indentured servants or treated like subhumans. They worked hard, had trades, and moved their families into the middle class by the 20th century.

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I never gave a shit about drag until they started forcing it on us - especially targeting it to kids - that is a red line these faggots should not have crossed.

by Tesic
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“My executive order directs my Attorney General to take every lawful action possible to move us as close as we can to universal background checks without new legislation,” Biden said.

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