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Just a tip for image posts if they're pics from your camera roll, crop the image even just a little bit and it won't post sideways like this.

I saw the MAGA btw.

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These jewposts are getting lazy lmao. Stormfags are just recycling content at this point.

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And just like that, a new meme was born.

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Because 2scoops2terms2walls aka prometeus83 aka Realsvenladen8 aka drud14 aka Boudicca2 aka Superfly, et al. isnt a good-faith user. Just another ConPro faggot here to post shit that makes us look bad and that's it.

They know there are other places on the internet where they can post this shit yet insist on doing it here.

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Tiny seats...

No, the seats are the same size they've always been. You on the other hand...

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Blegh 🤢

Unfortunately we cannot unsee what has been seen.

by sebster
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"Mister T was a faggot"

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Resident Stormfags: "WTF I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE NOW"

TO by Foomer
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I haven't seen one of these in ages!

To the top!!

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6.8m visits in the last 30 days isn't low traffic.

For perspective, Truth Social had 8.4m visits and Gab had 8.9m

High energy or gtfo, we don't need you here and will be just fine long after you leave.

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It's the same teacher and "student" from the video posted the other day, methinks. The student came into class in essentially a bikini and the teacher set her straight.

Once the student in this video turned around she looked way too feminine to be a they/them.

Looks rehearsed to me.

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I've been around since 2018 and never had a single comment deleted.

I also don't obsess over joos and blacks like 99% of the people complaining about bans do.

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He flew off the table... And fell on the floor... then we kicked that damn meatball right out the door

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Nick Fuentes is a faggot manlet. He doesn't speak for MAGA at all, not by a long shot.

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Like a cross between Warren Zeiders and Tyler Childers. I love it.

Some of my favorite music comes from Appalachia

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It just reminded me of Biden's quote about firing that Ukrainian prosecutor.

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I said I'd withdraw funding if he didn't fire the campaign manager. Well son of a bitch, he got fired.


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