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They are just forfeiting the ones seized, not all their weapons or their rights to purchase more.

I wholeheartedly agree, but I just wanted to clarify because I was confused at first myself.

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What about election fraud Marjorie?

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If you’re not planning to storm the building when they keep you out, don’t bother. Video recordings didn’t do shit on November third

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Probably the same people who rigged the election and put her in Congress... that’s why she is silent on the election fraud

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Unless it about the stolen election

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Why won’t she talk about it?

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Simple answer: foreign money, corrupt politicians, bloated government, too much government regulation of the energy industry, and democrats

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She could’ve gotten her cake by just asking for it to be blue on the outside and pink on the inside. I doubt he asked what it was for... she likely told him because she knew he’d refuse. This judge has got to go. Stop rewarding the mentally ill

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Yes, I don’t want elites and my own government making up pandemics to rush out a vaccine that is deadly and doesn’t prevent said pandemic and they encourage my fellow countrymen and friends and family to take it

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Att this point the vaccine is objectively not worth it

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Yes, in terms of transfer values paid for him, endorsements, etc

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It’s not meant to kill. It’s meant to sterilize and incapacitate the injected forcing their poor and middle class families to destroy their small pile of wealth taking care of them. It’s so astounding how many people don’t pay attention when shit like SPARS 2023 is posted here

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He’s an athlete, and one of the most valuable in the world (sorry America, American athletes don’t touch soccer). He lives and breathes health so much, that’s almost more his job than kicking a ball. It’s awesome to see him standing up for his own health, as an independent person should. Before this, I thought him to be a douche rocket, but maybe he is based...

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This doesn’t make sense to me, the buying of lottery tickets after something lucky ALREADY happened. Isn’t all their luck gone if something extremely lucky happened?

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Yep. Only the brainwashed think otherwise

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I believe they must have a recent copy of it on file before they can accept a mail in from said person

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It will be all races, idiots

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It will be all races you dip shit. Stop hating other races because the media isn’t making you feel good. There’s so much more going on than race

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