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I remember that shit. That was hilarious.

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Probably fair to call me a cynical bastard, but I'm used to the wife half of creator couples to be amateurish "also-do"s. She actually has talent though.

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Maybe you're right. It might be time to build a new tower and come out of retirement.

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The general strength/quality of new memes on this site is falling quickly.

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Lose the bubbles. Have some confidence in the joke.

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The Menlo park financiers were already blackballing any based tech startups pretty reliably. Their money is the devil.

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You'll find ammunition and clean water to be better stores of value in the coming years.

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Hopefully for free tech, that bank dies completely. Much of the damned dominant leftist bullshit ubiquitous in tech these days is due to the meddling of Menlo Park moneyed influence.

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At least American criminals are native, less violent, more accountable, and spend their money locally.

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People watching FOX didn't already know this stuff because they were watching FOX.

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Hear me out... Nuclear Powered Cargo Ships.

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I might revise my statement now, because boomers who can't see the wisdom in my earlier post should probably stay on Facebook where they belong.

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Hard to do when their felon status locks them out of most gainful employment avenues and all their active, current employment contacts are criminal. Most felons only have two choices as they exit prison - poverty or career criminality.

It's one of the reasons I think Joe Exotic got done dirty. Say whatever you want about the man and his many dumb choices, but he was one of the only business owners in Wynnewood Oklahoma who'd hire felons above minimum wage.

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This website is going downhill fast. I'm not saying they're unwelcome here, but the Boomers need to lurk more and recognize they aren't the cutting edge.

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