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If you're under 50 and get covid you have a 1 in 5000 chance of dying.

If you're healthy your chances of death are even lower.

....in other words just don't text and drive and you'll be doing more to safeguard your life than any mask wearing ever did.

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The stuff they found back in December with the voting machines in Michigan should have invalidated the entire state's election.

60+ percent manually overridden votes (machine operator chose who you voted for)

Then the manual override logs were wiped for 2020 only, but remeained for earlier years. (Suggests someone was covering their tracks for 2020)

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This is BIG news

Antrim is the only county that has done hands-on work with these fraud-enabling voting machines.

They are the ones that showed the high percentage of manual vote changes by the machine admins, and then the logs for those vote changes were wiped.

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....you have never heard of the firearm ABC rule have you?

Particularly important if you have small children in your home.

Lock up weapons not needed for immediate defense and your primary carry should Always Be Carried (ABC) for your safety and to keep it out of the hands of children.

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There's a metric-fuckton of fraud evidence everywhere we look.

We don't need supposition to show that the election was stolen.

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As long as you acknowledge the election fraud you can put whatever chemicals you want in your own body and I don't care.

The 2020 election was a complete fraud

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"We've got the biggest, most sophisticated voter fraud organization you've ever seen you dog-faced pony boys"

He Knew

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This is the first time such direct language has been used by Trump since 1/6.

We all know the truth. It's good to see him speak it again.

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Really glad he's supporting them.

RSBN, OAN, Epoch Times

Those are the only three that are not complete propoganda.

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There is no legitimate reason for the things being found.

Fraud and election crimes are what's being exposed right now. Expect diversions of all kinds.

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Said with such flat authority Brett.

Enjoy the nice house and clothes as you sell out the values the country was founded on.

The 2020 election was a complete fraud

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They can't respond to the bullet points themselves because the only logical conclusion is fraud.

You'll only get sideways talk or dismissal from the programmed masses.

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If you guys aren't, at a minimum, using a VPN you should be.

Even if your conversation is mundane, anyone snooping on your correspondence is definitely not your friend and no friend to the constitution.

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They cheated in a hundred different ways. Stick to the ones that are simple and have zero explanations.

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We don't need rumors.

Matt Braynard had call centers reaching out to voters months ago in several states including Arizona.

He used large sample sizes and the results are a very good indication of what we're about to find out.

The 2020 election was a complete fraud

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The guy that was behind on election night by a large amount until a targeted multi-city vote fraud operation dumped votes on him in the middle of the night while vote counting was "halted".

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"Uhm hasn't this been debuhnkt!!?!"

Shrieked in that shrill panicked tone was the only programmed thing she could pull from her broken hard drive.

The 2020 election was a complete fraud.

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If you ever feel like the minority or an outsider/tinfoil hat type. Don't

We outnumber them and everyone knows this election was a complete fraud.

They're just trying to repeat the lie until its accepted as the truth.

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....the crown used to have some authority here but then a small single digits percent of citizens said no with force.

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