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Australians have more privately owned guns now than when they did the buyback. Stop falling for fake news bullshit.

Anything they do in Australia, they could do here too if all the pussy gun owners are too chickenshit to use it when it matters.


It's New Zealand that banned the right to protect yourself.

In either case, 5,000 pissed off people with sharpened sticks and gasoline-filled jars would wreck any police force.

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Protests are meaningless.

It's burning down and slaughtering the tyrants that makes a difference. Waving signs and then going home just gets you arrested one by one and put in a holding cell for a year.

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Putting this shit to a vote would be a terrible idea.

Foreign countries would buy 3 trillion dollars of adds to fear monger people into giving up their own rights.

A Republic with elected officials of high competency that make decisions based on rational analysis of data is far superior to the mob rule of degenerate idiots.

Democracy is an absolute shit way to run a nation of millions. It doesn't even work on reality game shows.

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Being unemployed is better than taking the death shot and dying

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Get a gun and make your own rules.

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Should be the other way around

the only ones at risk of getting sick and spreading illness are the vax-mutants

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Ends when there's a living human being in her womb

There is no right to end the life of a child.

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Since when do you need a religious exemption to decline suicide?

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They don't care.

They want you to take it and die to weaken america.

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don't forget an election thief with the FBI pedophiles working for her.

And the georgian governor is a corrupt pedo as well, took money to let dominion rig the elections.

He'll lose the race on purpose

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it isn't about making money, it's about destroying society

they'll continue to make their pedo trash

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Or become a trannie, same thing really.

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