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You don’t live in a blue state. You live in a “blue” state. I’m convinced blue states don’t actually exist and really it’s been voter fraud year after year for decades.

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Has a bat, disarms himself in the door, then gets his ass kicked (probably because he can’t breathe to fight properly). What a fucking retard

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Not only “raped a woman”

It was his elderly mother who has dementia and should be in some sort of specialized care not anywhere near this fucking retarded monster

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Shit-Lib idiots don’t understand this.

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They aren’t good people either. And they don’t give a fuck about us so why would I give a fuck about them? Chinese people are the worst Asians out there.

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Fuck China. I’d love if their nation starved itself to death.

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Black people can’t swim. So I know for a fact no Somalis swam anywhere.

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He’s right. Why would I want to surround myself with ghetto women who have 8 kids and no job but drive a better car than I do? Why would I want to have my property values lowered because they keep looting the local stores when a jogger gets shot, justifiably? I don’t.

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executed by his own people

You mean the CIA

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I was thinking of the DEVGRU mission to find/rescue Bergdahl. Their K9 was killed and Handler wounded. My brain combined the 2 events.

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SEALs too I’m pretty sure. Bergdahl is a pussy and a faggot

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Phoenix hits 110+ for more than 19 consecutive days every fucking year. It’s called Summer.

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This is the way things should be. As long as you aren’t illegal, and love this country your Beaner ass is fine by me

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I don’t have a dog. So let them come. I hope they’re wearing lvl4 plates

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Beheadings are typical cartel behavior. I’m sure he absolutely has mental Illness But that doesn’t excuse monster behavior like this. Take the fucking beaner out back and shoot him in the head like a rabid dog.

Whoever downvoted me for calling this man a “beaner” Fuck you. This guys a bitch, and an Illegal, he deserves no respect so I’ll call him a beaner all I want.

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American blacks make Forrest Gump look like fuckin Einstein.

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I’m counting for the very few number of blacks with outlier IQs higher than normal. People like Ben Carson raise their average slightly. But yeah your typical street black has like a 67-75 IQ. Which is basically retarded.

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I read your title and instantly thought he killed himself.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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