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Fertilizers can do this, can cause different "poisonings" due to whatever nutrient/chemical was absorbed.

Although, this really describes my bile reflux attacks. I'm daily smoker (it works 100x better than any med the VA has given me and there's no side effects) but my bile reflux attacks were managed with diet and stress management... and when I get one, smoking weed helps ease the nausea so I don't puke... and Hot showers/baths definitely help the symptoms A LOT. My attacks would go on for WEEKS (first one, I lost 46 fucking lbs and ER had to give me 3 bags of IV fluds before I could give them a few drops for a urine sample)

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When you find out, tell me. I'm 36 and all I can find are fat single mothers, and/or communists.

The good ones is married.

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It's a natural cycle. Being political about it makes everyone involved a retard, know your science so you can shut them up. There's literally ZERO reason to be uninformed these days, ignorance is now ENTIRELY a choice.

The oceans drive our climate. This is fact.

Heat is absorbed in the oceans and circulated that way.

As we get to the end of the heating cycle, ice melts into the oceans.

Cold fresh water goes into the warm salty water and fucks up the flow.

This causes less heat to be spread around, giving cold weather.

Cold weather let's the ice form again, getting our oceans back to a more dense state because fresh water freezes leaving a saltier brine. This increases heat transfer, and the cycle repeats.

Denying this, is denying ice ages.

The argument is whether our carbon emissions are causing an effect on it, which is debatable and the actual debate. Any discussion of climate change without with context, is just retards being retards.

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Because it's not working due to the unvaccinated not being vaccinated.

Kind of like how I got a chick pregnant because you didn't wear a condom when fucking someone else

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It makes perfect sense once you realize we're in a communist revolution. 70 years in the making.

Instead of class, they're using race.

There aren't RINOs, there's just the mask slipping because we're past the point of no return.

IF everyone finally woke up from the brainwashing on our side TODAY, we'd have to work on 2 full generations to bring the country back.

I'm sorry folks, but fighting will be necessary.

They're going to use a false flag to initiate on us.

A LOT of good people are going to suddenly realize their lethargic lifestyle fucked them.

A LOT of good people will die.

I'm hopeful we win our country back but it's doubtful any of us will be alive to see it.

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Republicans and democrats fucked him up every step of the way, can you imagine if people would quit voting in uniparty so they can scream RINO like a retard?

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Covid literally is a cold. The virus itself is nothing. The spike protein is the toxin and most people will fight off the virus before any issues arise

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Covid gets another... RIP

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No bro, he went to a store in the middle of nowhere and didn't wear a mask.

The 7000 other people promptly took theirs off and gave him a round of applause.

How dare you say this communist asshole hasn't done anything!

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Fuck your identity politics you piece of shit communist.




The fact that you can't recognize your thoughts on this matter as EXACTLY HOW THE COMMUNISTS BEHAVE forfeit your right to any respect.

Go die, you're a piece of shit who's complicit in this communist revolution

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This is actually hippa, not the bullshit others here like to claim.

Without your express consent, nobody can release your medical information.

That does not mean you cannot be asked a question

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It's true for a lot of cities too. Hell, some places need you to get a permit to change your toilet or faucet!!!

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In 2010ish I watched the SocJus go mainstream.

I warned my friends about being retarded.

They are either dead or communists now.

Currently, I'm watching the same stupid here.

It's a swinging pendulum of stupid fuckery and everyone participating is helping us into a communist revolution.

I'm just fed up with it. I want to plug back in. I want to be able to think my feelings are facts, but I can't. I can only watch so many here so their absolute best to destroy what little is left.

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I'm not crazy.

I was able to walk out of the cave.

So many are looking at the shadow puppets still, but if you folks don't want to wake up... I'll let you go. I just hope the commies make it quick and painless.

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Lol it's not Obama.

This communist revolution is 70 years in the making.

If you're thinking Obama is anything but another pawn in this revolution, you're not paying any attention.

I used to wonder how people could manage to block all 3 lanes on the highway while going 5 to 10 mph under the speed limit.

Now, I see posts like this and realize that awareness is in short supply

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Of course not.

We've let the commies have full control, because we're "too strong and independent" to fucking fight for our country.

Every faggot that says "RINO" unironically is the easily manipulated retard that let this shit get bad. How many times do you need to get raped in the ass before you think, "maybe I should quit bending over naked in front of a Democrat"?


That's it.

I hope you people accept this better than you can recognize patterns because NO MATTER WHAT the outcome, things are going to be REALLY FUCKING BAD for a while.

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We're very far down that road.

People are starting to down their phones and look at the road for the first time.

If you're still fat, loaded with debt, and without a plan for food and water... RIP. You did this to all of us and yourself

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The only way you didn't expect the GOP to do nothing is:

  1. Ignoring the swamp. You were apparently just chanting a mantra like a retard instead of understanding the message

  2. You've ignored literally every vote for at least 6 years, and somehow still think Republicans are anything but uniparty. But they tweet and say what we wanna hear, right?????

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It'll happen slowly like everything else.

When the majority of the world is under hypnosis by social media and MSM, I swear that enough comments and posts here show it's the majority of the population regardless of politics, you just have to keep the goalposts moving slowly.

People are under complete control, and they simply gotta stop logging into social media and reading articles to regain their mind, so they're easy to manipulate.

The audits? Easily distracted from it by Afghanistan and mandates.

RINOs? You can only believe in RINOs of you've never paid attention to who is DOING something rather than what they say. Somehow people are stuck in the infinite loop of acknowledging the swamp and acting surprised during the daily proof that Republicans are UNIPARTY.

Vaccines? It was never claimed they gave immunity. Yet people here jack off to the data that proves that the vaccine doesn't grant immunity. People on the other side keep pushing for policies that would ONLY make sense IF immunity was granted

Identity politics? Easy tool to distract people from the revolution when the lowest tier of white people are arguing with each other about white people. How the fuck do you brainwashed tools of the revolution not find it odd that white people are arguing with white people about white people?

And so on.

People need to wake the fuck up.

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Malcom X was towards the beginning of the communist revolution in the US.

That's why the fed killed MLK Jr, they can't have someone preaching unity!

Anyone buying into identity politics is a casualty of this communist revolution.

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It's crazy that people think the vaccine is about public health.

Half if the doublethink is the FACT that these do not grant immunity and only give the individual any benefit (if they even provide a benefit)

They never claimed these would stop the virus, only lesser chance of bad outcomes from the virus.

People who cannot think logically should not be allowed to vote or run a business. People who can't think logically are either communists or useful idiots to the communists

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As a veteran, VAs are not good hospitals. It's unfortunate but true.

My old va hospital killed a bunch of people with insulin, it wasn't found out until after a bunch of victims.

My last clinic gave me the flu shot, against my will, and I promptly ended up with h1n1.

I hope your friend makes it, I really really do

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This is why we can't sit at home and quiet.

Be part of the community. Be active. Don't let a commie go without a punch

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