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Communist usage.

Equity means the value of an investment. When they say equity, they mean "equity of outcome" which means everyone should get the same "value" regardless of choices, performance, or anything like that.

When they discussed equality this is what they talked about which made it a kafka trap.

I'm all for equality. Everyone gets to make the same choices and do what they will as long as they're not hurting another. Performers get paid, others don't. It's all equality of choice.

I'm all for the equity in my house.

I'm not for equity of outcomes.

Think, don't feel.

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They use a bullshit argument like children


The right acts like children back at them


A few years pass and the bullshit is now in everyone's mind and takes another step.

Many years ago I was talking to my soon to be commie friends about how they meant equity and how that was an issue. But other people would fall into their kafka trap instead of arguing like adults with the children.

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I find it impressive how they do it constantly, injected the misuse of words on social media until everyone joins in on that definition.

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This is the truth.

I know a lot of people with MASSIVE student loan debt and even some of the engineers that I've met that have it live poor and will do so for 5-10 years because of the bill.

It's not any cheaper for other degrees and even some lower paying STEM fields will and do end up with huge payments for many years.

The issue with Low T society and social media circle jerking is that people have no idea of the scope of the situation they're so opinionated on.

I don't support student loans or their forgiveness at all, retards should understand money by time they're 18. It is the parent's fault and I think all student loans should be required to be sponsored by the parents, any missed/skipped payments must be covered by the parents.

I had the GI Bill and was lucky in that respect but the majority of my peers and friends were paying as they went, it was only a small portion going nuts with the loans. The school was pushing them on me but I didn't want to play that game. I understood debt.

I also have the same feelings about people that bitch about any other debt. Lots of my peers (my field is 75k-150k/year easy) complain about their mortgages and debt. They're stupid with money. Stupid can only learn from the pain of being stupid.

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if there were any TRUE REPUBLICANS in office, as the term RINO would only make sense if the majority of republicans were these "true" republicans, there would be a massive lawsuit until it reached the supreme court.

But don't worry, follow the distraction opinion sites and social media are telling you to.

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It's not all about the shot.

It was test of their programming, which includes the Low T/feminization of people.

Even many that didn't get the shot are showing they're Low T and feminized, giving the commies a good idea of how effective their programming is.

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More performative bullshit.


They sure are good at manipulating people into supporting them, which is easy now that the feminization of the west is complete.

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Remember the last time we had a republican majority so all we got was Russiagate hearings?

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To add, is my favorite experience with "religious girls"

They're just as much of whores.


  1. Social media

  2. Lack of principles = lack of culture

  3. the femininity prominent in the west is heavy in the church.

I'm not even religious, I just enjoy the super easy pussy that comes with anonimmity that comes with fucking church ladies because they have simps to fall back on.

But don't worry, short guy at 200 lbs, the girl you're dating who is saving it from marriage totally isn't fucking dude at the bar. She's saving it for you. She totally is. Your feminine frame and lack of logic and strength totally isn't having your women getting run through................

I'm not the one footing the bill on the divorce, I'm the dude laying pipe while you bitches act like bitches unaware you're acting like bitches which gives us non-bitches free access to the most free pussy available.

You folks marry em, we fuck em.

To the married guys:

Ever wonder why they come home some days really wanting dick and it's out of character?

That's their guilt. They feel bad for the day and want to justify their romps in the parking lots with giving you some when they get home.

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Authoritarianism is bad. Doesn't matter how it plays out.

This is why principles are a masculine trait.

This why why masculinity is gone.

No principles in society = government control

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Virtue signaling is the seeking of affirmation via posting online.

Such as talking about how tough you are being a trump supporter, but instead of MAGA and taking advantage of the opportunities that Trump provided us you seek internet validation instead of:

  1. Getting a better job under his economy

  2. Fighting for the individual instead of practicing collectivism ( which is prominent here while arguing about how your collectivism is better than the left's.... which is just arguing how the government in control is better under your views than theirs... which is the communist stance)

  3. Pretending you're special enough to have the government come to your door for guns as a form of disarming the people rather than the disarming of THE PEOPLE happening through laws.

4 - 4,999,999. Thinking you're informed via social media circle jerk without the masculine energy to recognize your behavior is the manifestation of their control of the people.

Study history instead of memes. Memes are for those of us that are competent, not for folks that can be replaces by trained monkeys. Cashiers and basic labor jobs are already repalced by "monkeys", it's my fucking trade.

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The problem is newspeak.

There is a difference between vaccines.

Prior to changing the definition of vaccine to exclude immunity so they could continue to call teh covid shots vaccines, vaccine simply meant something that is given to someone to grant sterilizing immunity.

There are a plethora of different ways of achieving this.

People are too feminized and Low T to have discussions or deabtes on these things and too retarded to make logical and well informed arguments about the issues they have with other vaccines.

They now have people equating covid shots to the ones that have been tied to huge increases in population and longevity (Life expectancy isn't higher because people are living much longer, it's because less young people are dying)

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No you're not.

You're virtue signaling.

I'd wager you don't even go out into public and have polite conversations with people, not even bothering to help the culture that is the root of the issue because there is no validation (internet points) in doing so, only personal satisfaction.

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Doesn't matter if trump won, we are where we are.

Virtue signaling is a feminine behavior.

We live in reality.

Trump may have won the election but that's a moot point as we refuse to recognize the show that is our government, we get emotionally invested and call the villains in the current act names.

Weak men are making hard times. The weak men are not only on the left. The weakness is a type of behavior, not a specific behavior. We all see it, meaning both sides, but only on the other side. We refuse to accept it on our side.

There's a reason we're to study history, but nobody does or did. They learned enough to pass a test.

Fascism and communism are the same, just practiced by the right and left respectively and differently.

The end result for the people is tyranny.

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The left are authoritarians.

We don't need authoritarians as we're actively watching the chaos that plays out from authoritarians.

Words have meanings, not feelings.

Unfortunately everyone is firmly in the communist (feminine) frame and want to speak about the way words make them feel instead of what they mean.

It's newspeak. When words no longer have objective meanings but instead the subjective feelings, we no longer have communication.

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The communists are authoritarian.

We don't need authoritarians. Jesse Kelly is confused on what words mean here.

We need Trump


we need more.

  1. We need people to stop circle jerking on social media and instead go the fuck outside, participating in culture.

  2. We need to quit pretending the republicans are anything different than the dems. It's all a show. There are no RINOs, just the villain of the current act.


  4. We need men again. No more of the Low T fatasses. No more virtue signalling. No longer living in the feminine frame, wondering why the world is going to chaos. We need men to be men again.

  5. Authoritarian is always the problem, it plays out in different ways, but always comes about through retarded collectivism. No more collectives or viewing the world as such. Those that do need shot.

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lol no they didn't.

The republicans help the democrats every step along the way, but people only want to recognize a few of em.

They're not going away.

We're in a communist revolution.

The revolution isn't going to stop

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They probably believe that the communists are retarded and given the mind control prevalent by the communists and the collectivism being practiced across the board is indicative of anything but us being retarded.

The communists aren't retarded, if they are then we must be MORE retarded to be constantly ceding control and practicing critical theory while oblivious to the practice.

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ya but antifa is white and that matters for some reason.

I think people should spend more time reflecting on the difference between support and virtue signaling.

A lot of people claim to support trump but didn't take advantage of his economic gift, that's not supporting trump. That's not helping MAGA. Might as well talk about how as the government is disarming people via laws and propaganda you're only concerned when they deem you personally a threat and come to your door.

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The entire republican party clearly works for the other side.

None of what is happening is possible without republicans and everything could be reversed/fixed if republicans were anything but on the other side.

But we refuse to accept the obvious truth in front of us because of the programming.

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RINO implies that the majority of Republicans act in our favor.

But they don't.

Calling Uniparty members RINO is the right's equivalent to the left calling everyone racist.

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He didn't get played.


and people will claim there are RINOs because they can't accept the reality of the republican party.

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