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I live in WA but its the same. My sister in law has a brother who is a scumbag, he changes the info stamped on these things to make them look legit. Just another law being made that has no positive effect.

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I don’t support Tramps either

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MLS pulls the most “woke” fan base, Sounders games are full of rainbow scarves and tranny flags. You’ll even catch an Antifa flag every now and then

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Catchy af. This is “Kumbaya” for the based.

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I moved away from SoCal to WA State 5 years ago, I think you’re right, California seems so red compared to Western Washington

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I watched an episode last night and thought the same shit. They just can’t help themselves

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First they came for Alex Jones…

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We have the best gays, believe me.

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I just saw her at a restaurant in SF a few weeks ago, she looks worse than that in person, no joke. Literally a walking skeleton

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