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Melanie in 10,000BC

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The same one as the female TSA agent was laughing to her friend on the phone

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In the Oppression Olympics, who takes the gold: the Black TSA Cockpuncher or the Troon with Her Swollen Jimmies?

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Didn’t he do the same thing with razors after the Harry’s debacle

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One agent would be bent over the chair typing on the laptop while the other was rawdogging him from behind, posting from his phone

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Have you heard about the perfect Ukraine phonecall?

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I would see his clips get posted on r/T_D during the 2016 campaign quite often.

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Oh good.

Along with his head-shrinking for the big sads, they did a nosejob, ear tuck and sanded down his brow

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Planned Parenthood had already gotten into the "Gender Affirming Care" industry well before the Roe decision being overturned.


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Mark this map. They will also be the future site of mass shootings from chopped-up trannies in a few years

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"Jews invented rap. If it wasn't for their slave ships rounding up all the captured African slaves and bringing them over to work their cotton and tobacco fields, you guys wouldn't have been working in such a close proximity to pervert our white Christian hymns with your jenky-ass call and response."

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Ana is so upset, she’s going to get another facelift

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Poso is trying to figure out how to block Reddit accounts that hurt his feelings, much like he does on Twitter

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We need to deluge his office with calls and emails 'welcoming him back'

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Big Twinkees Fat Alvin Fagg is the only thing large enough to hold O'Keefe's ginormous balls

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I'll be a little contrarian:

I have zero issue with Congressional leeches NOT taking a large number of CoDel trips overseas.

Shitrats like Drunky Pelosi sucked at those teats and left us with the bill too many times.

Now....ALL trips to Israel, I can see the problem. Only 3 trips as a Rep, no problem.

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