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Are people in Canada really stupid enough to believe this shit?

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They never let me put it in the butt

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I don't understand why these leftfags are working for a "free speech" company when they've been railing against free speech for the last 2 years. And for a company that aims to attract pro-speech conservatives?

What's the aim here? They have to know they're going to act like the same censorious faggots they always do, in which case people will leave or start other platforms and their whole business will collapse.

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The problem with moralfagging is that everyone has a different idea of what's moral

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Nothings going to change until they start kicking in doors and stringing up tyrants

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It might be true but do we need racist depictions to fuel the left's accusation that this site is full of white supremacists?

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Real question is, who's going to fork up the 5 mil to pay for it?

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I wish I could write to her just to say enjoy those consequences you stupid fucking bitch

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These people really need to eat their own shit dont they

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If this turns out to be true I will re-activate my FB just to laugh at everyone

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Delayed AKA digging out suitcases of extra just in case ballots from under a table somewhere.

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