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People like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are irrelevant because there's so few of them relative to the rest of the population that it doesn't matter. I'm sure there are lots of Thomas Sowells in Africa, but there aren't enough of then to make up for the dregs that are the rest of the average 70-80 IQ African population.

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"Whites" is just a colloquial term for ethnic Europeans. You're not seriously going to pretend that ethnic Europeans don't exist, are you? That kind of identity deconstructionism is something leftists do when Whites start taking their own side.

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I would say Whites whose homelands are being stolen from them, and whose ability to defend their interests as a group is called "Nazism" that will "lead to another Holocausts" are being harmed way more than paranoid Jews telling themselves lies to feed their hatred of Whites.

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Prove us wrong then. You do realize that the Holocaust is the foundational myth for the very system you hate? And that by affirming it you are playing into globohomo's narrative and feeding the system that keeps you down.