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Do you REALLY think we voted for this shit?

Do you REALLY think Biden won?

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Understood. I had an ex wife who freaked out whenever I would help someone I care about. Money, time, if it was anything that didn’t go to her she would bitch. Sounded like your wife was one of those. Glad to hear that she’s not.

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You’re a good brother, she’s a questionable wife.

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Took me a bit longer to get over it because I waited to take it. At least that’s my theory.

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Perhaps. Better to have them look and me under report by a few hundred than over report by one. You know how these people are.

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Same here. Young Chinese docs started fucking with me so I left. Maybe it was the patriotic hat and shirt. I just need pain meds for another surgeons mistake.

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When I got covid invermectin saved my ass. The horse paste. And people heard about it and tried it. Spouses of the sick were skeptical until it saved their husbands and wife’s. Biggest red pill ever.

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I’m in the middle of my kids crawling all over me. When I have more time I’ll look for it. Right now I’m lucky to fire off a quick post. Haven’t been able to find the link.

Edit: the chart used in that article IS from the CDC website.

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The man who raised me when my parents had better things to do, the man who I consider to be the best man I’ve ever known, was a very big guy and a Patriot through and through. He was my best man and my most trusted confidant. His sons are my brothers and we grew up in the same rooms and in the same house. They are all big dudes. They’re American-Mexican as he would say. I am not.

Because of this, I never judged anyone by their size or race. I judge people by their heart and their character.

But when people who have never done anything to help themselves start giving me shit because I won’t take the mRNA gene therapy, I become frustrated and call it for what it is to those specific people.

If you need help on losing weight and how to go about it I would love to help you. I lost my pops due to obesity and it still hurts. If you need me I am here for you. If you can message me do it. 👊

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You’re better than that. Arm yourself with info and destroy the lies by making them answer the questions proving they don’t know what they think they know.

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